Should I Send My Child To A Singel Sex School

single sex school

The debate regarding whether or not single-sex education is a better option than a co-educational learning environment is an ongoing discussion amongst educational professionals and parents alike. You yourself might be considering sending your child to a single-sex school, in which case it is important to do your research and figure out if it’s the best option for your child. An all-girls prep school in Middlesex explore some of the pros and cons below.

Less Distraction

Many supporters of single-sex schools argue that they have fewer distractions for students. Often girls and boys feel the need to show off in front of one another but in a single-sex classroom they can just be themselves. Generally speaking, girls tend mature at a faster rate than their male counterparts, so in an all-girls school boys won’t be able to hold the girls back. However, one would argue that in an all-boys environment, they lack the maturing and positive influence that girls would have.

Tailored Curriculum

Another reason why your child might benefit from attending a single-sex school is that they often tailor their curriculum to suit the gender of their classroom. For example, teachers may choose to explore a piece of fictional text that their students can relate to from gender perspective. Single-sex schools will also break down gender stereotypes because the students won’t feel under pressure to behave in a certain way. For example, girls can play rugby and boys can learn to sew without feeling judged.

single sex school

Real Life

One of the main arguments against single-sex schools is that they don’t truly reflect real life, where men and women mix on a regular basis. If a child spends a huge portion of their life around just girls or just boys, they might then lack confidence or feel uncomfortable around the opposite sex as they grow up.

Whether or not a single-sex school is appropriate for your son or daughter depends on their personality and since you know them better than anyone, only you can decide. For instance, if your daughter is easily distracted by boys and vice versa, then a co-educational school might not be right for them. Be sure to weigh out your options and seek professional advice if you feel it necessary.


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