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Introducing you to Shoplet was originally founded in 1994 by Tony Ellison. is the number one e-retailer of office supplies, carrying a selection of over 40,000 business products, 20,000 of which are eco-friendly.  
After achieving consistent waves of positive feedback and success, Ellison believed that the United Kingdom might benefit from the same advantages that Shoplet offers it’s US customers. launched in June 2013. 
Opening the box
I am presented with a variety of products all laid out very neatly it’s packaging. 
First we have an A5 sized 200 page wire bound notebook. Now as a blogger when I am out and about inspiration can strike anywhere! I found this notebook fits easily into my handbag and is very lightweight. It has perforated edges on each page so that you can neatly tear off the sheets of paper and also store them in a ring binder with its pre punched holes. 
Accompanying this is a Zebra Z-Grip Flight Ballpoint Pen. It is very smooth in its writing and comfortable to hold with its soft rubber grip. Visually it looks very executive and smart, making it ideal for the business minded. It also comes in three different colours, blue, black and red. 
Also in the box we have five very brightly coloured paperclips, or they can also be used as page markers. They are made of sturdy plastic and also come in varying sizes and stylish colours. 
The A4 report file with a swing out arm securely holds your documents in place and has a handy see through window cover. On the inside is a pocket which can store your front cover and contents list. Also included on the front of the file is a handy pocket to store your business card. 
Shoplet also stock a range of envelopes in different colours and sizes. I was sent an A5 black self sealed envelope, and I have to say you won’t need to worry about the effectiveness of its sticky seal as it is incredibly strong, therefore preventing anyone from tampering with your mail. 
My favourite product in the box though has to be the Remarkable pencils. They are brightly coloured and attractive to look at but best of all they are recycled. As the packaging states they could have been CD cases, plastic cups or polystyrene packaging in their previous lives. 
Overall there isn’t a bad thing to be said about any of the products I was sent. 
Even my daughter got involved, she very much enjoyed playing with box the products arrived in! 

For more information on these and more products please visit Shoplet UK
Shoplet stock your everyday stationery right through to storage and shelving, office interiors, security products, hygiene, kitchen and restroom products to IT accessories. 
For the purpose of this review I was sent a welcome pack containing the above products. 
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