Shea Elegance Bath Bombs Review

Who doesn’t enjoy bath bombs! A couple of months back I was shopping in town and I thought I would have a look in one of the cosmetics shops and I found some really lovely bath bombs for the children, one was shaped like a rocket, the other a yellow submarine. I bought them as a treat for the kids and they really did love them. They enjoyed watching the bath change all sorts of colours and they enjoyed the fizzing melting feeling in their hands when they held the bath bombs under the water.

I have been contacted by the lovely Claire who has been running Chulo Naturals, a wholesale business for 9 years! However she has recently launched a sister company to sell their products retail. Shea Elegance offers a range of unique bath bombs, soaps, facial products and more including natural deodorant.
Large Bath Bombs

Created by hand

Every product is enhanced with shea butter and always created by hand. Using the very best nature created to help you look after your skin. Shea Elegance offers extra-large bath bombs, fruit and vegetable soaps all in unique fragrance blends not found elsewhere.

What we received

We were so excited to have been sent the following bath bombs to review;
  • 2 x Sage and Sea Salt

  •  2 x Lazy Days – dreaming of paradise fruits while resting among English flowers with a good book.

Both of these bath bombs are very large, they arrived individually packaged in colourful tissue paper, and they all hold a little surprise inside!

bath bomb

One of the Lazy Days bath bombs had started to crumble when I unwrapped it, and in the middle of it there is a small blue/purple mini heart shaped bath bomb!

bath bomb

I gave the kids first choice while they were in the bath, they chose one of each which was good.

They held them under the water in their hands and really didn’t want to let them go. They eagerly rubbed them to help them dissolve and inside the Sage and Sea Salt bath bomb there was a green mini heart shaped bath bomb much to my children’s excitement!


Before you even open the box however I have to mention that the smell of the bath bombs filled the air, I wish someone would invent smell-o-vision so I could share with you how amazing they smelled! So much so that the next morning when I went in my bathroom I could still smell the sweetness of them, it is quite lovely!
shea elegance bath bomb

I am saving the other two for myself when I can find some quiet me time, all though I may have to hide them out of sight of my children!

Overall we absolutely love Shea Elegance Bath Bombs, we would highly recommend them they would make perfect gifts for all the family!
Other products include A different kind of Bath Bomb, Market Garden Soaps (fresh
fruit & vegetables) along with their best-selling Beer Soaps.
They have produced their own unique fragrance oil as another key to their
brand, a blend of Champagne, Daises and fresh Sea Salt.
Also available is the stunning Daisy Duck Bath Bomb – she is a whopping 300g and smells of their unique fragrance.


duck bath bomb
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