Second Hand vs New

    Im a great lover of car boot sales, markets, and eBay. I love a good bargain, I just cant resist!
    Iv bought many things second hand over the years from clothing, jewellery, kitchen and house ware etc.

    But when it comes to children’s items, is second hand ever acceptable?

    With my daughters 1st birthday leering just around the corner and with our purse strings tightly knotted I began to wonder what other people think of this debate. I would never buy second hand as a gift for somebody else’s birthday for example, but when it comes to my household I think its okay. Its important to know whether the recipient minds second hand items or if they would be offended by them. If I received a second hand item it really wouldn’t bother me so long as it was in good condition I wouldn’t mind at all.

    For my daughters 1st birthday we have bought her a Noah’s Ark boat with little figurines (this was bought brand new approx £25), a keepsake silver bangle (this just in my opinion had to be bought brand new RRP £45, engraving £13), Mega blocks (brand new £14), but the next three are second hand – A large wooden activity cube (RRP approx £30+, bought from local boot sale £8), Tomy Discovery Dome (RRP £40+ bought from eBay £11), Vtech Sing and Discover Piano (RRP £16, bought from eBay £4).

    When it comes to second hand goods I think there are certain dos and don’ts that should be followed, especially when it comes to children’s items:

    Do make sure the item is of good value for money
    Do make sure the item is in tact and not broken, missing any parts or has any loose parts
    Do make sure the item is in good working order
    Do wash anything you buy before given to a child. Whether it be clothes or soft toys in the washing machine or disinfectant spray for plastic items etc

    Don’t expect too much – second hand items will probably will have some marks or dents on them
    Don’t buy second hand car seats (you just don’t know whether they’ve been involved in a car accident)
    Don’t buy second mattresses or breast pumps for safety and hygiene reasons.

    Always make sure, if applicable, when buying a second hand item that it comes with a compliancy sticker or such like i.e. British Standard Sticker BS7409 for pushchairs.

    What do you think about second hand products? Or do you always buy new? And do you have any advice when it comes to buying second hand? Please leave your comments below.

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