Seasonal Affective Disorder; Get A Better Night’s Sleep With Tempur

Many adults struggle with sleep throughout their lifetime. Whether it’s a stressful day, a pulled muscle, or an aching back; a bad night’s sleep can lead to a lack of positive wellbeing. Getting those forty winks has never been more important, with a lack of sleep often leading to physical and mental health problems.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a mental health
condition that affects roughly 1 in 15 people in the UK every year between September and April. It is believed that SAD is caused by the lack of sunlight and vitamin D during autumn/winter months, which causes problems with our circadian rhythm and affects the production of melatonin and serotonin.


Typical symptoms of SAD are similar to that of depression and include greatly reduced mood and a decreased ability to perform everyday tasks.

seasonal affective disorder

I have an under active thyroid and know all too well the
importance of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a variety of different health problems from depression to cancer. One of the downsides to under active thyroid is the inability to absorb/metabolise a variety of vitamins, including vitamin D. Since being diagnosed I have found that I quite often need to nap in the day and get an earlier night than I would normally have had.

I often find that in the colder months my body changes,
almost as if it is in protest of the expected drop in temperature and darker mornings. My joints get a little stiffer, and my body temperature is already quite low due to my thyroid and I find it is struggle to get up and do things when I am feeling colder. It can make me feel lazy which often makes me feel more tired and grumpy.
There is good news for those who do experience the feelings
caused by SAD in that there are a number of treatments which can help you to combat the symptoms. These include;

Cognitive Behavioural

Therapy (CBT)
CBT is used to try to change the way you think about certain
situations. It is based on the idea that the way we think and behave can affect the way that we feel. CBT can involve talking to a trained therapist, self-help programmes, group meetings or computer based sessions.
Medication may not be the favourite choice but it can be effective. Treatment is usually antidepressants which are highly effective especially if taken at the start of winter before symptoms appear.
Lifestyle Changes
There are also a number of options that you can try for yourself. These include getting as much natural sunlight as possible, sitting
nearer windows, getting more exercise and eating a healthier balanced diet.
Good quality sleep can also be part of the solution, having a good sleep routine can really help to improve your mood.
beautiful bedroom

After the birth of my two children it was impossible to get a good night’s sleep. We had a double bed in our room, maximum occupancy you would assume two but nope our two little darlings started joining us we decided it was obviously much cosier to sleep cuddled up to mum and dad.

New Mattress

A few short weeks later we invested in a super king size mattress! It made such a difference to all of us we were finally sleeping
better and had the room we needed to stretch out in comfort without fear of pushing one of the kids out of bed! But the biggest difference I noticed was definitely to my mood. As my husband would agree, I can get irritable when I don’t get enough sleep or when I am hungry – hangry! Since having the super king
mattress it really has made a world of difference to our sleep routine, I look forward now to jumping into my big bed and curling up or stretching out. Sleep really does help you to combat the winter blues!
Choosing the right pillow is equally important as choosing
the right mattress. The right pillow will ensure the best neck support and let your body settle into its most comfortable sleeping position. I suffer with neck ache as I tend to carry a lot of stress and anxiety in my neck and shoulders, I find that the best solution for me is a good massage as well as supportive pillows. Not only do I have a travel neck support cushion but I also have a deep shiatsu massager and supportive pillow in my bed. All of these help to banish neck pain, snoring and even insomnia. Tempur offer two different collections with a range of pillows to accommodate a variety of preferences and sleeping positions.

Tips for those struggling with SAD

  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night
  • Take naps if you need to
  • Go for a walk and get some fresh air, exercise is very effective in creating a more positive mood
  • Talk to people if you are struggling, whether it be a friend or your doctor
  • Invest in good quality mattress and pillows
Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder? I would love
to hear how you manage your symptoms. Please leave your comments below.
This post is in conjunction with Tempur but all thoughts are my own.
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6 thoughts on “Seasonal Affective Disorder; Get A Better Night’s Sleep With Tempur

  1. Both Donetta and myself have worked with vulnerable adults that tend to be effected by SAD. It's such a tough condition to manage. The importance of a new mattress and comfort to aid a better nights sleep is HUGE!

    Currently I'm getting up at 4:30am to become more productive but after reading this all I want to do is jump back in bed! HA!


    1. Thanks for your comment Dave! Yes I am the same I used to be able to stay up quite late but these days I quite enjoy going to bed between 9 and 10 I wake around 6-7am then but I always feel so much better after a good nights sleep.
      I must add I sleep surrounded by cushions so I can make use of them as extra support under my legs, arms etc
      But I think if I woke at 4.30am I'd want to jump back into bed too!

  2. I definitely suffer from some kind of sadness associated with less sunshine. I did have a vitamin D deficiency this time last year, and I was amused to find Vitamin D rich mushrooms in the shops today. Interesting post! #ThatFridayLinky

    1. I am the same, I feel that when the sun is shining you just feel better about most things, you could go out for the day or even staying in to clean is so much better when the sun is out for some reason! ooh I have not heard of vitamin D rich mushrooms before, I will have to keep an eye out for them.

  3. I love my sleep, and I know when I don't get enough I get grumpy. I've heard of SAD, but don't know much about it tbh. Thanks for raising awareness. Thanks for joining in with #ThatFridayLinky

  4. I have been struggling with sleep a lot lately. I have a great routine for night time but I've been under a lot of stress and that plays into my not sleeping. I do have a good mattress but I have been reading a lot about vitamins for people my age and I think I need to get on that. #GlobalBlogging

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