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Scope is a disability charity. They exist to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.

They recently got in touch with me about their new product ‘Mindful Monsters’. You can find out more about the campaign here.

Mindful Monsters is a set of activity cards which give parents a new and exciting way to help little ones develop important life skills through mindfulness, while spending quality time together.

The cards are quick and easy activities that parents and children can do anywhere.

Research shows mindfulness in families has many benefits;

  • More resilience in day-to-day life
  • Improved focus
  • Better understanding of their emotions
  • A sense of calm
  • More positive thinking – promoting kindness and gratitude
Each card has its own theme. Included in our pack the themes are; Creativity, relaxation, positivity and concentration.

Each card then has its own activity on the reverse.
My children were very excited when I got the cards out, as they are with anything new. They patiently sat down wondering what was going on. Then I explained that we would be playing some games and they giggled excitedly!
I wasn’t sure whether they would really engage in the games but I was pleasantly surprised by how much they loved them and how much I did as well!
After we had completed the activities my daughter was asking for more! They really are a hit!
One of my favourite activities is the say something nice card, their answers really hit home. My daughter told me she likes it when I read her books and my son told me he liked my cuddles!
Another favourite is the pulling silly faces activity, the kids loved making their own monster faces as you can see!

This is such a great cause to get behind and I am proud to have been involved.
Please do check out the link above to find out how to get your own set of Activity Cards, and the video below.
For a monthly donation of just £7.50 you will receive 12 exciting deliveries of Activity Cards. 

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2 thoughts on “Scope: Mindful Monsters

  1. This sounds like a great idea for a great cause. I love the idea of the activity cards. It's often the simple things that mean the most to kids such as spending time with them, reading to them, cuddling them etc. Great post x

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