Sands Alive by John Adams

Feel the fun with Sands Alive! Bring your imagination to life with Sands Alive, the super soft modelling sand by John Adams.
Squish it, shape it, mould it, make it! With Sands Alive you can bring all the fun of a sandy beach indoors but without the mess. 
Once you feel how soft and sand-like it is, you’ll be amazed by how the sand holds its shape and allows you to build detailed 3D creations. 
One of the best features of this super soft modelling sand is that it never dries out! So you can have hours of fun by playing with it again and again!
Sands Alive is made up from all natural ingredients and suitable for children aged 3+.
I have been eagerly looking at all the different versions of this sand for my daughter for Christmas, and was very excited therefore to be given the opportunity to review Sands Alive by John Adams. 

We were sent two sets, the Animal Set and the Classic Set which allows you to create different shapes.

Each set is packaged well in a bright and vibrant colourful box. Contents include 460g sand, sand box and moulds.
At first I was a bit unsure as to the texture of the sand thinking this isn’t going to hold its shape but it actually held quite well. 
I think I might have been a bit more into it than the kids as I carried on playing with it well after the kids had! 
It is extremely fun and my 3 year old daughter absolutely loves making the animal shapes especially. 
My little boy, who is 20 months, was a bit unsure of the texture at first, after sticking his hand in he then made a little squeal and gave me his hand to wipe it off but after another go he enjoyed picking up the sand and dropping it and sinking his hands into it!
Each mould comes in two parts and is fairly straight forward to use, you just fill each side with sand, stick them together and carefully pull them off. 
I will admit both my children seemed to get a bit frustrated when they tried to pick up the moulded characters and they just crumbled in their hands, but nevertheless they still enjoyed playing with it and making sand castles.
Each Sands Alive Set by John Adams is mess free, non-toxic and doesn’t stain, these super soft modelling sand sets are perfect for play indoors and outdoors.
Although I have to say it isn’t entirely mess free, after all it is basically sand, yes it does get everywhere, stick to clothes and get squashed in the carpet but then again it is easy to clean up.
I would have liked to have seen a lid added to this product as once you have removed the sand from the bag into the box there really is no way of storing it apart from upright in the original box.
Overall we absolutely love the Sands Alive Sets by John Adams, they’re great fun for all the family, you could easily get lost playing with the sets for a good couple of hours. They’d make the perfect gift for any child.
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