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With Christmas coming up and knowing that I’d be having family around I was really hoping that I could find some way to cover up my carpet!

As embarrassed as I am to post photos of my dirty carpet, it has to be done to be able to show you the end result from using the Rug Doctor. 

                                       BEFORE                                          AFTER


With a baby, a toddler and a cat, there has been every stain imaginable spilled on it at some point. 
I was lucky enough to be able to test out the Rug Doctor. 
A few days before Christmas my husband took the kids up their granny’s so I could get my clean on!
First off looking at the rug doctor I thought that looks heavy and complicated! But don’t be put off by that, once I had gotten used to the machine and read the instructions (which are online) I was ready to start cleaning. 



The instructions are simple and easy enough to follow although I do feel that there should be a hard copy included with the machine for those who do not have access to the Internet. 

On my first run the machine cut out and the carpet didn’t look particularly clean so I went over the same spot again and had the same problem. I quickly figured out though that I needed to use more of the cleaning solution than what was stated in the instructions and I also realised that if I walked the machine back quicker than I originally had it did not cut out. After it had a cut out I had to turn the vacuum switch off, press the reset button then turn the vacuum switch back on to start the machine again.

However after two runs the machine cut it out again but this was because the white tank was full and needed emptying which also resulting in me having to top up the red base with more water and cleaning solution. 
Once I had figured these teething problems out I was able to use the machine quickly and easily. 
I did have to go over a few particularly tough spots a couple of times. 
The end result though is pretty amazing! 
The Rug Doctor managed to clean up areas of high foot traffic from my porch door through to my kitchen, as well as common food and drink spills. One thing it didn’t manage to clean up though despite me running the machine over the spot a few times is baby food, although it has drastically reduced the appearance of the stain. 

Overall despite the initial issues I faced the Rug Doctor performed to a high standard and I am very impressed with how clean my carpets now are. They are Luke brand new and I can’t stop looking at it!
My living was two rooms which have been knocked into one big room. I used the carpet cleaning detergent which states it cleans up to four rooms but I managed to use the whole bottle on just my living room, I put this down to the fact though that there were some pretty tough stains to clean and the instructions do state to use more solution on tougher stains. 

I would definitely recommend the Rug Doctor, and I will definitely be renting one in the future. 
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