Review: Personalised Cushions From Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network By Me is licensed by Cartoon Network and it is the only place to find designs and characters from the their hit shows such as the Power Puff Girls and Ben 10. Their range is always increasing and is a one stop shop for cartoon fans to discover exclusive designs that engage and delight them.
We were recently offered to review some of their products.

Power Puff Girls

My daughter is a huge Power Puff Girls fan. Her favourite character is Bubbles, no surprise there maybe. She loves watching them on TV and pretends she’s part of the gang when she plays! My daughter chose the official Power Puff Girls personalised cushion featuring Bubbles herself. This retails on the website for £23.99.

The Amazing World Of Gumball

My son chose The Amazing World Of Gumball personalised cushion, and while neither myself nor my son has actually heard or watched this cartoon, he was drawn to the design straight away and knew that’s what he wanted. This also retails for £23.99.
power puff girls

When the cushions arrived I was surprised at the size of them, they are larger than I had expected at 45cm x 45cm each, and therefore definitely worth the cost for any fan. They are made to such a lovely high quality with smooth linen and double sided edge to edge full colour print it is very vibrant. It also has an invisible zip making it easy to take off and wash.
I put the cushions in my children’s bed as they hadn’t seen them arrive. They were very surprised when they went up to bed and saw their cushions emblazoned with their names. My daughters saying ‘Mollie is super cute!’ and my sons I imagine saying one of the catchphrases from the show maybe? ‘What the what?!! Joshua!’
the amazing world of gumball

The kids love their new cushions and have since brought them downstairs so they can cuddle up to them on the sofa while they’re watching their favourite shows. I would definitely recommend these products to all Cartoon Network Fans!

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