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On the weekend we were thrilled to go and see Circus Extreme live in Cardiff! The children were excited and so were we!

We arrived an hour before the performance and parked easily right in front of the big tent. On entering the tent there are refreshment stands and also stands selling merchandise. We joined the queue fifteen minutes after we arrived and were let into the arena half an hour before the performance was due to start.

We had fantastic seats at the side of the stage, the tiered layout is fab as it means you don’t have to struggle to see over the person sat in front of you.

The opening act was the Double Wheel. This act has never been performed before in the UK and it was truly amazing to see. All the performers were fantastic doing tricks inside the moving wheels as well as top of them, and at one point two of the performers stood on top of the wheels were blindfolded!

Circus Extreme

In between acts Henry, the World famous Prince of Clowns entertained the audience. Our children very much enjoyed his acts and he even brought members of the audience onto the stage to join in with his mischief.

Circus Extreme Clown

The juggler was incredible, and the ‘mermaid’ as my daughter called her dazzled us all with her high flying performance and death defying drop into the pool lit with fire.

Circus Extreme

Circus Extreme

The highlight of the event for us was most definitely the Extreme FMX team on their motorbikes. How they had three bikes all racing around the cage at high speed just amazes me. Their jumps off the ramp and into the air were spectacular. My little boy is now determined to join the circus, when he is older, to perform just like the bikers!

Circus Extreme

Overall the show was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

There are still tickets available for the Cardiff date, details below;

(other venues include Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Newcastle)

Entry Costs

VIP Ringside – £36 – Concessions £32
Deluxe Ringside – £30 – Concessions £26
Grandstand – £26 – Concessions £22
Side View – £18 – Concessions £16
Rear View (Restricted) £12 – Concessions £8

Where and When

Wed 29th May – 3pm & 7.45pm
Thurs 30th May – 3pm & 7.45pm
Fri 31st May – 3pm & 7.45pm
Sat 1st June – 3pm & 6pm
Sun 2nd June – 2pm & 5pm

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