Redecorating Our Living Area

We have lived in our home for just over 5 years now, and when we first moved in I think I just wanted it decorated as soon as possible so we quickly chose wall paper and replaced the carpet. That was pretty much all we did though. Now having taken a good look at our living room I realised just how outdated it is. It is definitely in need of some modernisation! we plan to decorate our living room.

For starters we have really old pineapple style ceiling lights with plaster roses around them.
ceiling light
We had a huge old fashioned gas fire, and the cream carpet has seen better days my daughter was only young when we had this and then our son was born, it’s safe to say its seen its fair share of spills!
old fireplace

For a good few years now I have been slowly wearing my husband down to get wooden floor and earlier this year he finally agreed. I think this was mainly to do with the tomato sauce incident, thanks son! Which left a big red stain on the floor.

wooden floor

We chose our wooden floor and then we thought we; if we’re having that we really should replace the fire, hearth and surround.

We comprised on this, my husband wanted a black fire place and I wanted a more modern look, we chose a chrome fire with oak surround and reversible black/ivory panel.
modern fireplace

Now for some bizarre reason my husband says he actually likes the pineapple lights, but again he has agreed to change them. After we put the fire in I bought some copper tea light holders and fairy lights to decorate it. And this has now become the colour theme.

electric fire

From this I decided that our little bistro area as I like to call it could do with some trendy lighting, I found this battery powered hanging light is What! For just £5. I extended it to hang lower using a matching copper chain.

hanging light

I then found this gorgeous pair of matching pendant lights.

pendant lights

As the floor is wooden and we have two young children we definitely need some rugs down to stop them slipping, luckily I managed to find a Dunelm and John Lewis rug for sale on Facebook and these compliment the colour scheme well.

dunelm rug
We had to replace our wallpaper after removing the fireplace and we found a similar pattern to the paper we have up the other end of our living room wall and even better it was on offer at half price!
green flower wallpaper


I can’t wait to finally have everything completed so I can finally relax!

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