Real Mums All-Bran Challenge

As of late I’ve had a rather funny feeling in my tummy! 

I put this down to my busy and stressful lifestyle, as at the moment I’m trying to plan a wedding, my daughters 2nd birthday plus both my son and daughter have been having frequent hospital appointments for their kidney problems. 
So when I was accepted onto the #RealMumsAllBran 5-day challenge I was delighted!
The challenge is all about getting a good feeling in your tummy as well as about your tummy. 
Did you know that 90-95% of the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin is made in the gut? A study* of 1,000 UK women found 52% experience digestive co paints, such as bloating or gas, at least once a week. Eating fibre is a simple remedy for happy tummies!
I was sent three delicious boxes of All-Bran cereal to try, lucky me I know!
These included the scrummy Red Berry Crunch, the yummy Golden Crunch and the downright delicious Chocolate Wheats!
For 5 whole days (actually it was a lot longer than that!) I ate a tempting bowl of delicious All-Bran cereal along with my fiancé and my nearly 2 year old daughter, she particularly likes the chocolate one, no surprise there!
After 5 days I can say with some confidence that, actually, yes, my tummy feels happier! 
My bloating has definitely reduced which I am especially over the moon about as what with my final wedding dress fitting around the corner I could really do without it!
My “tummy bunnies” as I like to call them have thankfully calmed giving me a much more settled feeling and I am certainly loving my less bloated slimmer tum just that little bit more!
Each box is bursting with it’s own individuality.
So much so they’ve become part of the family, and have even gained their own personalities!

Golden Crunch is the more serious business headed cereal it gives you that longer lasting feeling in your tummy so you don’t get hungry as quick as you do with other cereals. And it’s taste is superb with it’s oven baked multi-grain clusters. 
Red Berry Crunch is the playful one giving you a zingy burst of delicious berry flavours, it’s like a mini party on your tongue! 

Then we have the naughty one that is the Chocolate Wheats! Smooth and slick it lures you in to take a bite of it’s chocolatyness! This was definitely the favourite in our household!
And what’s more each of these All-Bran cereals are high in fibre which helps to reduce bloating and improve overall digestive health, what more could us mums and dads ask for when looking for a cereal for our loved ones!
Overall I think All-Bran have hit the nail on the head with this challenge, it is a well known brand and with so many choices and flavours it’s definitely been added into our weekly food shop. 
Why don’t you take the All-Bran 5-day challenge and see what difference it makes to your general digestive well-being? For more information visit All-Bran

This post is an entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kellogs. 
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  1. I enjoyed reading about your experiences. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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