Rainy Day Activities

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    As a first time mum in these wonderfully dreary January days I often find my 15 month old daughter looking for things to do.

    Even though our living room is a magnificent obstacle course of many, many toys I often get the feeling that she is bored.

    Recently I have found myself looking for new things to introduce to her to provide her with some stimulation, and especially so lately as the weather is always abysmal this time of year so going on outdoor adventures really isn’t an option.

    A colouring book and some crayons rarely keeps her attention for more than five minutes, I think she may still be too young to fully enjoy this activity, plus she almost always ends up colouring in her teeth rather than the pictures!

    We play a lot of chase in our home, luckily we have a rather large front room to run around in and my little girl loves nothing more than power vaulting onto the toy box and over the sofa while the tickle monster chases after her!

    I’m a bit reluctant to try any messy activities in our living room as it is fully carpeted and our kitchen is a bit too small to do anything in. Come on Sunshine, I need the weather to get outside!

    It was only a few days ago when we were out doing a bit of shopping that my princess managed to reach a book off of the supermarket shelf, it was a sticker book. Iv never bought one for her before and I never really thought of buying one either, so I let her keep hold of it. When we got home I peeled the stickers off and passed them to her one by one, and oh my, she cooed with delight as she took each sticker and pressed it randomly onto the pages of the book. This by far has to be one of the best ways to pass time in our household at the moment, and the enjoyment she gets out of it is amazing! Over two hours she played with those stickers!

    There is a local play group in my area but I don’t regularly attend, as I work three set days a week and my partner works shifts we don’t get much time together so if play group falls on a day when we’re both off work we tend to enjoy family time together. There are of course local soft play centres but again these aren’t cheap and they’re not local to where I live.

    If you have found any rainy day activities please please let me know!!! You can comment below or follow me on twitter @katie4_16

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    2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activities

    1. Ooh thanks Caroline I might give that a go. My LO loves posting things under the door or the sofa but then gets frustrated when she can't get it back lol. She has her own cupboard in the kitchen too with pots and pans etc in as well as empty yogurt pots which keep her entertained for a while. I can't wait for the summer when I can buy her a sand and water table x

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