Preparing For Nursery

As the title of this post suggests we have indeed been preparing our daughter for her to start nursery school which is now imminent.
We were able to take her down to meet the head teacher and have a tour of the school. She didn’t really know what was going on at first but she made no hesitation in going off on her own and exploring her new environment, playing with the toys and watching the other boys and girls in the classroom.
We were shown where she would have assembly, eat her lunch, and play in the school yard.
When it came time to leave she really didn’t want to. I can only take this as a good sign that she will hopefully settle in quickly. I am however a bit worried that while she may well enjoy it at first she may after the first week or so get upset at having to go everyday, and she may not understand why her little brother doesn’t go in with her and yet instead comes home with mummy and daddy.
I guess these are all just obstacles that we will have to overcome if and when they arise.
Every time we go for a walk we always pass her school and point it out saying “do you know what that is?” and she now says its my school. If we walk round the forestry we can also have a view of the playground and my daughter says that that’s where she will be able to play with the other children when she goes to school.

We have been gradually increasing our conversations with our daughter about school as her start date gets nearer.
We have bought her uniform which she was very excited about to try on. We let her know that her big cousins are in nursery school, and that they were a uniform also. We also bought her a back pack and filled it with a few things such as wipe clean books where she can practice writing her ABCs and 123s, a pencil case and some pens etc.
We have told her about some of the things that she can expect to be doing when she is in nursery school, such as, looking at books, arts and crafts, story time etc.
We also bought some books online all about starting nursery school this one is my favourite and my daughter really enjoys it. It’s called Lulu Loves Nursery
I feel as though we have spent all this time preparing her and she is as prepared as she possibly can be, but now that she is due to start this next week, I have realised that, actually I am not prepared! Who is there to prepare the parent? I suddenly realised that that is it, she is now in the education system for at least the next 16 years, that I won’t be able to be with her all the time, and if she falls it will be a teacher comforting her instead of me or her daddy. I think that I will just have to put on a brave face just like my daughter. 
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4 thoughts on “Preparing For Nursery

  1. Aww. We're not quite at this stage yet, but getting alarmingly close with eldest! Not sure if we'll be able to get a place at a nursery in a school round our way (as opposed to places in daycares), but that's what I'm aiming to find, as it personally makes more sense to me if they are preparing for school by going to a school nursery. Hope it all goes well!

  2. It sounds like you have prepared her well. I expect there will be a few tears, and not from her lol! My son started uni last September and I had a few tears too. You never stop worrying as a parent. Sending lots of hugs xxx

  3. It's definitely a big step, one both of my boys actually struggled with at first, but they got through it…Good luck 🙂

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