Potty Training: Boys Vs Girls

My son will be 2 next week and I’m starting to think about the dreaded P word, yes that’s potty training!
My daughter practically potty trained herself, by that I mean we put a potty in the main room of our house for her to get used to the idea of and every now and then we would ask her if she wanted to try and go on the potty, she showed interest in it but didn’t do anything for a while.
Then one day she got up herself, walked over to the potty, did her business and that was that, she was potty trained. Transitioning to using the toiler was also really easy for her too. She was brilliant, she did it herself we didn’t do anything. I feel very lucky that we didn’t really have anything to stress or worry about.
Yes she did have a few accidents on our first few outings in her big girl knickers but that’s to be expected.
Our son however, I think will be a completely different story. He isn’t really showing any interest. I haven’t put a potty out yet, simply because I don’t want my daughter to think she can go back and use it again, but also because I think it is good for him to see the routine his sister does. By that I mean telling us she needs to go, and then going upstairs to the bathroom to do her business. He sometimes will say “I need a wee!” but he doesn’t actually attempt to do anything.
My daughter was 2 and a half when she started and I have heard that boys are late developers so he may not be ready then but I think around that age I will introduce the potty to him and brave the nappy free time to encourage him to use it when he isn’t wearing a nappy.
With our daughter we also bought a potty training book which she really enjoyed so I think I will invest in one for my son too, shame they don’t do paw patrol ones he’d definitely pay attention then!
If you have any advice on when and how to start potty training boys I’d really appreciate your input if you can comment below. 
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2 thoughts on “Potty Training: Boys Vs Girls

  1. That's so interesting that there are potty training books available – I think that's a great idea to get kids interested in it 🙂 good luck! X

  2. I'd never really thought about boys being late bloomers with stuff like this but it makes complete sense. Hopefully he will take to it as easily as your daughter *fingers crossed* x

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