Post Pregnancy Diets

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I now have approximately 4 weeks left till my due date and roughly 6 months till my wedding day!

I might well have made a mistake in buying my wedding dress before I got pregnant, but at £50 I can’t really complain!

I have been thinking of ways in which I can lose the excess weight that I have put on during my pregnancy. Obviously I want to lose the weight heathily but I want to lose it quickly as well.

After my first baby was born I was surprised at how little my bump went down. I don’t know what I was honestly expecting to happen, an instant flat tummy perhaps, but that definitely was not the case. Then as I became pregnant again without losing the first baby weight I feel I have even more to lose.

Here are some tips on losing weight after pregnancy;
Don’t start dieting too soon
Be realistic
Lose weight slowly but surely
Do be active

Here are some of the diets that I have looked into;

Calorie Counting – this diet is designed to help you lose on average 1-2lb a week by sticking to a calorie controlled diet and by getting more active. Pros – can help you to choose more healthier foods, Cons – can make you become a bit obsessive at counting the calories of everything you consume.

Low fat/carb – sounds simple, cut out junk food and foods such as pastas, breads and potatos etc. Pros – very effective weight loss, Cons – should not be used long term as can increase the risk of heart attack.

Detox diet – Using herbs, pills, potions etc to rid your body of impurities. Pros – often used to lose weight fast, Con – can be extremely restrictive in terms of what you can and cannot consume.

Meal replacement shakes – These can be bought in many supermarkets and health food shops, I have previously tried these shakes and while I did enjoy them and I did lose some weight I found there to be some side affects I would generally always have a head ache after the shakes, I guess you need to make sure you drink quite a lot of water alongside this diet. Pros – gauranteed to lose weight if you stick to it, Cons – hunger! Portions are not very satisfying.

As of yet I am undecided as to which option I will try but I do tend to be leaning more towards cutting out carbs and becoming more active.

Have you been successful in losing the baby weight? Please comment below how you achieved this and any tips you may have, or tweet me @katie4_16

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7 thoughts on “Post Pregnancy Diets

  1. i would be very careful, plus it all depends if you are planning to breastfeed im not sure that you can milkshakes you never know whats inside them and my sis tried and said she was incredibly hungry after day of drinking milkshakes..good luck though, im sure if you want to do it and you have an aim you can reach your goal)

    1. Thanks Victoria. I agree with your sister when I previously tried the
      diet shakes I was left very hungry too! Thanks for your tip on
      breastfeeding I hadn't actually thought of dieting from a breastfeeding
      perspective it is definitely something I need to look into x

  2. I like the NHS Live Well 12 week plan. I've lost 10lbs on it in 7 weeks. It's healthy and helps to gain a better understanding of what you're eating. It also incorporates exercise and is really simple to follow. Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

  3. Good luck, I hope you achieve your goal. Be careful though if you breastfeed as if you lose more than 1 or 2lb a week it can affect the quality of your milk. If you need any support do give me a shout, I'm a bf support volunteer so happy to help :)Thanks for linking up #BinkyLinky

  4. With the summer around the corner that's what I plan to do for a while, lots of walking with the pram trips to the park etc. thanks Kat il definitely bare that in mind. I wanted to fb my daughter but tongue tie prevented this so fingers crossed this time round I can. Jane : I actually think I have a local pram fitness class I shall have to look into that.
    Thanks everyone for all your advice, really appreciate it xx

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