Planning Your Wedding? Read on for some handy tips…

When we were planning our wedding I wish I had researched more into just how stressful it can get! From choosing the perfect wedding
dress cake, venue and photographer there really is a lot that needs doing.

I didn’t really have a picture in my head of what my ideal wedding dress but would be. I think that this actually helped me in a way as I
wasn’t set with the idea of ‘The’ dress that I had to find and nothing else would do. When it’s time to find your prom dress it was a different story. I knew exactly what dress I wanted maybe I was just being a picky teen back then!


I had seen an advert online for a wedding store that was actually
closing down, I got so excited I set my alarm and made sure I was there around half an hour before the store opened so I could join in any queue that there might have been. But to my surprise it was only me and another lady waiting!

wedding planner

I went in and quickly picked up three dresses and rushed to
try them on. The first one was beautiful and after trying on the others I again went back and tried the first on again and yes this was it, I had found my perfect wedding dress in the first store that I had entered!

If only planning the rest of the wedding would be so easy!

We had found the perfect venue, Castell Coch, it truly is a fairy tale castle set in amazing grounds and my husband has a slight obsession
with castles so it was the obvious location! Plus as our families live in different cities, this venue is located in the middle of those making it easy to get to for all our family and friends, this may be something else to consider for your own wedding too.
Castell Coch
Next we had to find the perfect photographer. This was probably one of the most stressful tasks as there were absolutely loads when we started looking. How would we choose!

Tips for choosing the best photographer;

  • Meet with them – you need to choose a photographer who you can feel comfortable around after all they’re going to be with you all day, they need to share your vision of what you want for your photos.
  • Read reviews – thanks to social media it is now so easy to source feedback on almost anything. Make sure you research them and check out any reviews that have been left.
  • Look at their previous work – most photographers will have a portfolio of their work, by looking at these you can then narrow down those that don’t suit your style. Some may be better experienced in light and airy photos whilst others prefer dark and atmospheric.
  • Do compare packages – be sure you check out what other photographers are offering for the same price in order to ensure you get the best value for money
wedding photography

We found our photographer on Facebook and after reading the
reviews, meeting him and viewing his portfolio we knew that he would create beautiful memorable wedding photos for us to cherish forever. When we received the photos back we were amazed at just how beautiful they were, our photographer had captured our wedding in timeless detail.

My wedding
Do you have any top tips for how to keep wedding planning

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