Birthday Parties – Are They Getting Out Of Hand

    We are no strangers to planning birthday parties for our children. The excitement of planning your child’s first birthday party is almost overwhelming. You want everything to be perfect. You chose the perfect venue, napkins and balloons. Spend time creating your own personalised invitations. Then on the day of the party you worry will people turn up and have a I made enough food!

    We have just booked our sons party for his 5thbirthday. Previous to this both our children have had a party in the village hall. We hired soft play and we made the buffet. This year we have booked a soft play party for him. This was stressful.

    birthday party soft play



    We decided on a party at the soft play for him this year. Our daughter has previously had two parties in the hall. While they were successful, people came and the kids loved it, the costs soon added up. The hall parties cost easily £300. We paid for the room hire, soft play package, party bags, balloons, invites, food, table wear etc.


    I find making the food stressful too.,It takes a lot of time to prepare and plan. There is also the worry then of whether you have made enough for everyone. Which is why we decided to go for a play centre party as the food is included in the price. Little did we know this would not be so straight forward either.

    Do we invite the whole class? At £8 a head and nearly 30/35 children it would also add up to a fair few quid. However we then decided we couldn’t just invite a few friends. What if they didn’t turn up. He could possibly then end up with a party and only a few kids there or worse none!

    We thought we will invite the whole class and assume half maybe would turn up. We rang to book it for 15 children, but were told then that if more turned up they wouldn’t be able to accommodate this. Which is understandable I guess as they would only be preparing food for the number of children we said would attend.

    So we ended up booking for 25 children as they allow a 5 child leeway so would accommodate up to 30 children. Obviously we will be losing money as not every child invited will attend.

    Looking ahead now at my daughter’s birthday which isn’t until nearer the end of the year, and I am struggling to think of what to do for her. She didn’t want another hall party last year so we looked at other options and in the end we found a riding school that hosted pony parties.

    pony party


    We only invited her twin cousins and her two best friends as we knew they would turn up and it was her favourite party yet, since then she has gone on to start horse riding lessons! She loved it so much.

    Added Pressure

    I feel nowadays there is so much pressure to offer children different and unique birthday parties. It makes it so stressful for us parents to organise and pay for. I have even seen on social media some parents asking the parents of those they wish to attend to pay for their children to go, and even those who make a wish list of what gift their child would like to receive. I mean surely this goes too far?

    I’d like everyone to know who attends our children’s parties that we in no way would expect you to bring a gift, the most important and fun part of the party  is for the children to see each other and play with other, that is what they really enjoy. The gifts will soon be forgotten but the memories will last forever.

    What do you think? Is there too much pressure on kids birthday parties these days?

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