Pacific Baby: Thermal Bottle Review

I recently received a set of thermal baby bottles and accessories from Pacific Baby to review. Pacific Baby is an American designed brand. The company is focused on providing parents with smarter solutions for the everyday challenges of parenting.

When the products arrived, I was eager to open them!

When my daughter was born, we found it incredibly useful to use a flask to keep her water the right temperature at night. This saved us a lot of time. We didn’t need to wait for the kettle to boil at 3am and then wait for the water to cool before we could feed baby her formula, and found that the quicker we fed her her bottle once she woke the quicker she would settle back to sleep. 

The body of the bottles is made of long lasting bacteria resistant stainless steel, they have a wide neck opening and the teats are made of high grade silicone available in varying flows with a BPA-free quality ring to hold the teat in place. The cap is double insulated to enhance its thermal capabilities. The bottles have measurement markings on the inside so you can clearly see how much fluid you are putting in to the bottles.

I love the design on the bottles. The 7oz bottle is decorated with bubbles and whales on a red background, and the 4oz bottle with cherries on a green background. Its such a distinctive design that you can guarantee you wont be mistaking your babies’ bottle with somebody else’s.

As we are expecting our second baby in only three months time I just know that I will be using these bottles all the time when we are out and about. The 7oz bottle can keep the contents warm for up to 10 hours, and the 4oz bottle up to 6 hours making it ideal for travelling around.

The thing I love the most about these bottles is the range of accessories that are available to use with them. They grow with your baby. From 9 months onwards you can replace the teat with a sippy cup lid. It is easy to attach you simply place the handle onto the bottle and then put the sippy spout through the ring and screw it on. The only thing I will say about the sippy cup handle set accessory is that once the handle is on, it does not stay in one position. My daughter was drinking from it but as the handle had turned around the bottle, when she picked it up the teat was upside down so she could not get the water out.
The bottle also comes with a toddler drink top, suitable from 18 months plus.

The bottles are eco-friendly, safe to use, clean and fashionable. They also come with a long product life, starting from birth and converting easily to sip cups and drink bottles, the range has a product life of 5 years+. They also come with a 1 year warranty.

For more information on these products please visit Pacific Baby World, you can buy the range at Amazon UK: Pacific Baby

For the purpose of this review I was sent one 7oz 3in1 thermal bottle and one 4oz 3in1 bottle, one handle set and one drink top set.

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