My name is Katie, I am 29 years old and I am married to my lovely husband Robert...aw! In late 2011 I attended my first day at college (would you say that made me a mature student?) anyway I had decided to return to education. I wanted a new path in life and I was determined to get it! 

Previously in my younger years I had gone through the schooling system studying travel and tourism which led me to become an Air Hostess or as we prefer to be called Cabin Crew. I was 18 years old and so proud that I had achieved what I wanted in life. I had a dream job and life didn't seem like it could get better.....that was until 6 months later when the company that I worked for went into administration. I was devastated. This led me to return to my part time "student" job as a cleaner in a hotel (not quite the glamorous high life I had imagined). I tried to get back into the aviation industry but sadly without success, I suppose at this young age you could say I was afraid of moving away from home to pursue a career. 

Anyway roll on 8 years and numerous yet random jobs later (children's party entertainer, visitor centre assistant, changing room operative, and now receptionist) I decided I wanted a change, I wanted to improve my life. So here I was on my first day back at college. I wanted to become a midwife, just like my mum was. I achieved good results in the short time that I was there...... yes I wasn't there long. For I had fallen for a dark mysterious man who was in the same class as me. We had a whirlwind romance and before we knew it I had fallen not only head over heels in love with him but also......pregnant! 

We were both over the moon but yet terrified at the same time. Nevertheless we grew more and more attached the idea of becoming a little family. At our 20 week scan we found out we were expecting a girl (born October 2012) and our second pregnancy we found out we were expecting a boy. How perfect one of each!

I have created this blog to explore further what we are letting ourselves in for! But also for help and advice on starting our next journey as parents to two under twos! 

If you would like to share your opinions / offer advice or just share your journey with us please email us at: mummysdiary@yahoo.co.uk I hope your enjoy reading our blog 

Take care x 

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