Our Wedding Day

    I thought I would share with you all our wedding day as iv previously posted pictures but with no detail. So here is s little interview with myself! I hope you enjoy!

    How We Met
    We met in college. Rob had actually joined the course late and of the two classes running he was supposed to be in the one that I wasn’t in but due to a mistake and the other class being full he was put into the same class as me. 
    On his first day he came and sat right beside me. 
    I noticed him straight away but it was a good few weeks before we started talking more than just the hellos and goodbyes. 
    He asked me out on a date and the rest is history. 
    The Proposal
     It all started when we were watching an episode of friends. The one in which Phoebe refers to Rachel as Ross’ lobster, meaning they are meant for each other, they always find there way back to each other just as lobsters apparently do.  Well Rob and I refer to ourselves as the lobsters. Cheesy I know but I find it sweet. 
    One sunny day we went to a shop and whilst in there we noticed that they sold lobsters. All crammed together in a glass aquarium, poor things, destined for the cooking pot. Rob randomly blurts out “why don’t we buy one and set it free?” He said. “what are you mad? We can’t…..can we?!” I replied, and sure enough we did. The lobster was removed from the tank and placed into a clear plastic bag and locked inside by a cable tie. The panic started to set in then, it became real! OMG OMG OMG we have a live lobster! Where are we going to free it? How do we avoid its claws?!
    We decided to go to a rocky beach I knew. By the time we arrived ‘Larry’ was safely tucked into a backpack on Robs back.”Eek I feel its claws stroking my back!!!” hahaha it was quite amusing. We got down to the beach and started looking for a place to free Larry. Rob then bravely cut off the tape around the lobsters claws, approached the sea then released Larry. 
    We turned and started packing up our things, then the next thing I knew Rob took me by the hands and got down on one knee and asked me those 4 special words, “will you marry me?”, “yes, yes, yes!” I exclaimed tears running down my face. It was just so romantic, spur of the moment, unexpected but it was perfect. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell everyone our news …. And of course to show off the bling ring. 

    The Budget
    No we didn’t we just knew that we couldn’t really afford a massive wedding so we kept our eyes peeled for bargains and offers.. our families also helped a lot.
    Time Frame
     We decided to get married on the day that we met which was September 7thwhich gave us just under a year to plan.

    Theme / Colour Scheme
     My dad paid for our actually ceremony which was held at Castell Coch so we decided to go with a vintage fairy tale theme. My daughter and her cousins wore a gorgeous cream and duck egg blue lace little dress and they each had little lace fairy wands, where as my little boy wore a silver suit.
    The colour scheme was all decided upon by my daughters dress as I loved it so much and it was duck egg blue that ended up being our colour. Our wedding cake was also duck egg blue and we had pastel colour fairy cakes as well which was all made by our friend.

    Most Expensive Item
    My wedding ring was the most expensive item we bought it was £399
    Least Expensive Item
     My wedding dress, believe it or not! There was a closing down sale at a wedding dress boutique shop in town and I was the first person there when it opened I grabbed about 4 dresses and tried them on but as soon as I put the second dress on I knew it was the one and it was reduced to £50! What a bargain!

    Pulling in Favours
     Our friend made the cake, which she offered.
    My dad paid for the venue and car and our reception was held in a marquee in his back garden which food ordered from a local wholesaler.

    When Did You Get Married
    I decided to make my own bouquet, as we were on a budget but I also wanted something that I could keep and that I could pass down to my daughter on her wedding day. I chose white roses and gypsophillia just like my mum had had on her wedding day. As she sadly passed away 10 years ago I wanted to bring something of her on my wedding day so I had a bouquet charm made with her photo in which attached to my bouquet so that she could walk with me every step of the way down the aisle. My husband opted for a kilt as it was a wedding at a castle he didn’t want an ordinary suit, he looked so handsome. My little boy wore a little grey and silver suit with black jacket. The reception was held at my dads house where he had a marquee in the garden it was really beautiful.
    Our cake topper was unique it was a sign that read “he’s her lobster” !
    My favourite part of my wedding day was at the end of the night. My husband and I slow dancing on our own after everybody had left. It was so romantic being able to have that first moment as husband and wife to ourselves. 
    Music Choice
    I walked down the aisle to Lone Stars ‘Amazed’ and our first dance was Christina Perris Thousand years.
    Advice For Newly Engaged
    There’s no harm in asking your friends and family for help, also keep an eye out for special offers and even look in second hand shops for table centres pieces or even your wedding dress!
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