Our First Time Trick or Treating

Trick or treat! This is the first year that we have taken the kids out to enjoy this popular halloween pastime. They are 4 and 6 and have never asked to go and trick or treat before. I have to admit I am not a big fan of trick treating, after all we teach our kids not to take sweets from strangers but on Halloween it is deemed okay to knock on strangers doors and ask for sweets.

I do remember my mum and dad taking me and my sister trick or treating though and I did enjoy it I guess you just have to be sensible.

They do enjoy going to their schools Halloween disco every year and they really love this. Last year they also had creepy crawlies there that they could hold and learn about.
Anyway this year my daughter asked to go, so I spoke to another mum from their school who takes her children trick or treating every year, and she invited us to go along with her. She explained that they only knock on friends’ houses or those who have Halloween decorations up.
Overall the kids thoroughly enjoyed trick or treating and I would
definitely take them again.
Here they are all dressed up!
trick or treat
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