Our engagement

    You watch Friends don’t you? I mean who doesn’t? Everyone has at least seen one episode I’m sure of that

    Do you remember the episode in Central Perk Café where Phoebe refers to Rachel as Ross’ lobster, meaning they are meant for each other, they always find there way back to each other and the claw holding?!

    Well Rob and I refer to ourselves as the lobsters. Cheesy I know but I don’t care! Its sweet 😀 

    One sunny day we went to a certain wholesale shop, whilst in there we noticed that they sold lobsters. All crammed together in a glass aquarium, poor things, destined for the cooking pot. Rob randomly blurts out “why don’t we buy one and set it free?”, “what are you mad? We can’t…..can we?!” I replied, and sure enough we did.

    The lobster was removed from the tank and placed into a clear plastic bag and locked inside by a cable tie. The panic started to set in then, it became real! OMG OMG OMG we have a live lobster! Where are we going to free it? How do we avoid the snippy claws? What if someone sees us? Argh… 

     We decided to go to Southerndown beach as I remember this being a fairly quiet, rocky beach. By the time we arrived ‘Larry’ was safely tucked into a backpack on Robs back.”Eek I feel its claws stroking my back!!!” hahaha it was quite amusing.

    We got down to the rocky beach and started looking for a place to free Larry. Rob then bravely cut off the tape around the lobsters claws, approached the sea (not before a photo opportunity first though) then released Larry into his natural habitat. We gave him the gift of a second life! 

     We turned and started packing up our things, then next thing I knew Rob took me by the hands and got down on one knee and asked me those 4 special words, “will you marry me?”, “yes, yes, yes!” I exclaimed tears running down my face.

    It was just so romantic, spur of the moment, unexpected but it was perfect.

    I couldn’t wait to get home to tell everyone our news …. And of course to show off the bling ring 😉

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