Organix Mighty Meals Reviews

I was recently sent a box of Organix Mighty Meals and soups to review.

Inside the box is a selection of soups and meals;

  • Pasta and Chicken in a rich vegtable sauce
  • Spagetti with pork and bean meatballs
  • Pasta shells and veg in a tomatoey sauce
  • Hearty root veg and beans soup
  • Tangy tomato and pasta soup
  • Tasty Sweetcorn and Noodles

Usually I would cook my daughters meals myself, maybe some meat and vegtables or such like, but we do often use microwaveable meals as well. They are handy when you don’t have time to cook or if you’re going out visiting friends or relatives for example.

The first meal I opened was the pasta and chicken in a rich veg sauce, my daughter often takes a first mouthful of something new and pulls a very funny face while she decides if she likes it or not, and it just so happened she did like it 🙂

My daughter didn’t quite manage to finish any of the meals completely, but she did eat the majority of them and she certainly enjoyed feeding herself the meals and wouldn’t let mummy or daddy spoon feed her either. She made a lovely mess too!

The soups were a big big hit! I was quite surprised at this. She ate every ounce of them and even mopped up the last few drops with a piece of bread and butter.

I have to say that when we do our weekly food shop I always have a look at what new products and flavours are available, but I haven’t actually seen any of the Organix Mighty meals or soups on the shelves, I have however started to do my food shop online with the same supermarket and I can purchase the Organix range online, which I do find a bit odd, but I’m just happy that I can at least buy them somewhere.

What I like about the Organix range is that it is just that, organic, nothing extra added just all natural ingredients.
I will definitely be buying some more of the soups for my little one, and given that they are organic they are increadibly reasonably priced compared to some other well known organic brands.


For the purpose of this review I was sent a selection of Organix meals and soups.

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