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    The Online Surgery is a web-based GP surgery. The Online Surgery offers an affordable private healthcare option for people looking for a confidential service at a time to suit their family and work needs.   
    Run and managed by qualified, UK registered GPs, The Online Surgery is the perfect choice for those who need to quickly and easily contact a GP to discuss a worrying health issue or to order regular prescription medications.
    The Online Surgery GPs provide you with exactly the same service and care as your GP Surgery would.  Our GPs will talk to you about your illness or condition confidentially in a one to one situation, suggest any relevant diagnostic tests and if necessary, refer you to a specialist.  Patients can chat with their doctor at a time to suit them, whether you are at work, on the school run, travelling or at home.  To do this, The Online Surgery uses an app similar to the popular ‘WhatsApp’ which is completely secure and offers a confidential interface to connect you with your GP.

    Should the GP prescribe a medication, then you will be able to order this online, take advantage of our free delivery and have it delivered to any destination of your choice whether this isyour home, your workplace or your travel destination. 
    Individuals can also access a wide range of home test kits forblood, urine and stool testing or order repeat prescriptions with ease and in the knowledge that we will only hold medicine which has been cleared by The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhCfor sale.
    As you would expect, the Online Surgery is registered, regulated and compliant with all the relevant authorities, including the MHRA and Care Quality Control (CQC)The Online Surgery GPs are trained in providing remote consultations and issuing prescription medicine online.  1:1 consultations are carried out through our fully secure chat platform, with phone and video consultation options soon to be launched.  
    I have an underactive thyroid and I am therefore on daily medication for the rest of my life, and as my GP is only able to prescribe me my tablets every 4 weeks, I inevitably end up running out of tablets on a Friday and not realising until its the weekend and its too late to get an appointment or visit the pharmacy.
    I therefore decided to review The Online Surgery’s medication ordering process.
    It was very easy to find the medication I needed, as I was able to search by illness/disease/treatment etc for what was required. I chose two of the 100mg Levothyroxine pack of 26 tablets (priced at £21.92) as I am on 125mg so I take an extra 25mg tablet also. I added them to my basket, and then proceeded to add two Ventolin asthma inhalers (£20 for a pack of two) as both I and my son have asthma its always good to have spares!
    Under the Thyroid medication page it does state that:
    “Our doctors will need to confirm your health status and severity of your condition before prescribing this medication. You will need to provide one of the following documents during the order / consultation process a. Recent blood test report
    b. Recent prescription from another doctor
    c. Specialist letter indicating your condition

    If you do not have any one of these available with you, we may have to cancel and refund your order.”

    When I received an email saying that my order was awaiting approval I was expecting to receive an email from a GP requesting one of the above, so I was a little bit surprised when my order status changed to approved and dispatched without anybody checking that I actually needed this medication. I would recommend maybe that The Online Surgery check that some orders aren’t slipping through this process without being screened.
    Regardless to the above though my overall experience using The Online Surgery has been a positive one, and one that I would highly recommend and will probably use again myself in the future.

    It certainly is an excellent way to seek advice or medication if you are unable to get an appointment with your own GP or even if you wanted to discreetly order items.

    For the purpose of this review I was given a £50 discount code to use at The Online Surgery. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
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