AD| Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake Review

For the purpose of this review I was sent a 14 day supply of Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake, as well as a shaker bottle and jar. This post is my own honest opinion of the product.


I was first introduced to Nutribuddy back in 2016 when I reviewed their Weight Loss Starter Kit since then they have come a long way. Founder of Nutribuddy Ella, became frustrated by large corporations who seemed to only care for their profit margins. She dreamt of creating a product and a brand which had integrity and put customers and the environment first. Three years later they now have two warehouses an amazing team and thousands of happy customers.

Nutribuddy was developed with 3 core values in mind;

  • To sell products that you will love and that make you happy.
  • To only sell products made with the finest quality, healthiest ingredients.
  • To make products with the environment in mind.

First Impressions

On first inspection of the products I was very pleased with them. I like the option to choose a glass jar, this makes scooping the product out easier and it also looks great on my worktop. The bottle design is simple and elegant and easy to clean. All products have the Nutribuddy logo printed on them. On the shake packaging you have all the information you need such as a guide to using and ingredients printed on the back.


The shake is intended as a meal replacement. However I look at this as an improvement to my usual breakfast. Normally I would just grab some of the kids cereal or a bit of toast. Nutribuddy Shakes are full of goodness and nutrients.

How to use

It really is very simple to use. You simply;

  • Pour in the milk
  • Add 3 – 4 scoops
  • Give the bottle a shake.

Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake

Most people in this day and age are super busy and that includes me. Being a mum to two young children and also working full time I often find myself skipping breakfast as I just haven’t got the time to sit down in peace and eat as well as get myself ready for work and make the kids have eaten and dressed for school. This is why I find Nutribuddy Breakfast Shakes so convenient! I make up the shake in seconds and take it on the go with me.


I chose the Strawberry flavour with crunchy flaxseeds and coconut flakes. The Strawberry flavour is mild but just enough that it does give a nice taste to the shake. I like the seeds and flakes in this as it tends to fill me up more and I find it more satisfying than drinking just a milk shake. It fills me up easily until lunchtime and even then sometimes I am still quite full. It give me a great morning boost which is just what I need to start my day. Overall I would recommend Nutribuddy Breakfast Shakes for everyone, whether you’re looking for a healthy quick on the go breakfast or just a good pick me up to boost your day.

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