Noom Pro Weight App: Review

I was delighted to be able to review this app. 

As my wedding is less than 15 weeks away, and after having two babies in the last two years, I desperately needed to lose some weight. And I definitely needed help to lose it. 
The Noom Weight App allows you to enter in your current weight and your goal weight. 


With this in mind it then calculates how many calories you will need to consume to stick within your calorie budget in order to start losing weight. 
Of course the app alone won’t work. You need to start making changes to your diet aswell. 

I decided to cut out all chocolate, crisps, cakes and I replaced fizzy drinks with water or squash. 
The app allows you to add what meals you have eaten. I was surprised to find so many of the foods I buy in my weekly shop were already installed into the app. For example weight watchers chicken and lemon risotto, the app knows how many calories are in this product and deducts it from your daily calorie allowance. 
If you cannot find a product on the app simply add it yourself and enter the number of calories it contains. 

Noom also provides instant feedback and allows you to keep track of the best foods that you have consumed. 
If you choose the pro version of the app for a small monthly cost you get access to the chat facility. Where you can interact with other users to support each other and generally talk about what you want. 
In all honesty though I found there was little or no response from other users. And I only had a brief chat with one other regular user of the app. 
After using the Noom Weight App I can delightfully say that I have actually surprised myself and I lost 8lb. 
All in all the app is an excellent addition to your weight loss and diet. It is simply designed and incredibly easy to use. 
The app can be downloaded onto android devices in the Google Play Store  and apple devices in the App Store
For more information visit Noom
For the purpose of this review I was given a years subscription to the Pro version of the Noom Weight App. 
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