The New You Diet

It is not the first time I tried a diet but the New You Plan seemed different to other diet plans, so I was delighted to be able to give it a go.
The New You Plan creates meals that give you 100% of your recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals and promote a natural and safe fat burning state called ketosis. Their meal plans meet all European and NICE guidelines. 
You can create a menu that suits your personal taste and lifestyle. They have the best tasting meals with over 40 different options (and growing!) to chose from, including shakes, soups, hot meals, pancakes, omelettes, porridges, bars, crisps, wafers and more! YOU WILL FIND A MENU THAT YOU LOVE!

The meal plans suit everyone from the busy person on the go to the stay at home mum.
There really is a lot of food to choose from, which is great as I have found other similar diets don’t give you as many different choices.

The meals are easy to make up and ready within minutes. I did find some of the portions to be rather small but they really did taste amazing! I especially liked the veg chilli, chicken soup and the snack bars are super yummy! With the porridge though I did find I went a bit off the instructions as I found it too watery but once I added in less liquid it made it lovely and thick.

With the New You Plan you can enjoy 4 meals a day, enjoy 2-3 snacks a week – this was a little tough to cut out the snacking but if you break the bars up into 3 or 4 pieces you could have a little snack each day to get you over that sweet craving.
I also really liked the berry blast water flavouring as opposed to squash which has lots of added sugar this is much better for you and it tastes very sweet which I just loved.

As well as receiving my meals for the week I also received the Pineapple Fat Burner and a bottle shaker to use with the shakes.
Here are some of the meals that I chose;
Chocolate Orange shake
Sensational Strawberry shake
Raspberry shake
Heavenly Hazelnut Shake
Chicken Soup
Chocolate Cream Cookie Bar
Maple and Fruit Almond Bar
Luxurious Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar
Lemon Yogurt Bar
Vegetable Chilli
Spicy Noodle Nosh
Country Cottage Pie
Pasta Brocolli
Of all the diets I have tried the New You Plan is definitely my favourite. It is so easy to stick too, the food is delicious and I lost 4lbs in my first week!
I would definitely recommend the New You Plan.
For the purpose of this review I was sent one weeks worth of New You Products to try.
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