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    With less than 5 weeks left until my due date I have been thinking about how to ease my daughter into the big change that is about to happen.

    My little girl is very sociable with other children and shares toys well with others, she has a baby doll of her own which she likes to tuck up to sleep and she feeds a bottle to as well. She calls my tummy “babba” and cwtches and kisses it. If she sees a baby on tv or while we are out and about she always points and says babba and shows an interest. Recently she tried to put socks on a real life baby and put his dummy in his mouth.

    Overall I think she will cope well with the new addition and I think she will enjoy looking after her little brother and helping mummy and daddy.

    We realised that when our baby boy is born we will undoubtedly have family and friends visiting bringing gifts for the new bundle. Not to have my princess miss out or become jealous we have decided to buy her a little box of goodies, to welcome her to the world of big sisterhood! As of yet though we are a little undecided as to what to actually buy for her. I am thinking something sister related, maybe a teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that says big sister, maybe a few small puzzles, and some mega blocks accessories.

    How did you find your little one took to their new brother/sister? Did you buy them any big sister/brother gifts? 
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    3 thoughts on “New Big Sister Gifts

    1. My daughter was nearly 3 when our Little Man arrived. We got her a Rapunzel doll and Tangled on DVD from him to her (she does like a princess!) and took her shopping so she could choose a gift to give to him – she went for a cuddly blue donkey! She was fine, excited, and now 17 months on, they remain the best of friends 🙂 Good luck with your new arrival x

    2. My first was just over three when his little brother arrived, and he took to him great. 6 months on now we are starting to see some issues since the baby no longer lies and sleeps all day, but wants to join in. Hope it goes well:-)

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