My Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

Staring weight :158lbs / 11 stone 3

Last weeks weigh in: 155lb / 11 stone

So since my last post I have in all honesty been slacking a
little bit, food wise.

I have however been to the gym twice and completed a 5k run
by myself.

Food wise however though I will admit I haven’t been as
strict with myself as I was in the previous week, and I may have even sneaked
in the odd cake, jam tart and indulged in some Chinese chicken.

I am however very pleased with myself for not gorging on
snacks as much as I used to do.

I have realised that I used to look for food when I was
bored and had nothing else to do just to keep myself busy, and I do believe I may
be a bit of an emotional eater as well.

But that aside my weigh in this week shows another 2lbs
lost! That’s a total of 6lb in two weeks.

This weeks weigh in: 152lb / 10 stone 12
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