My Weight Loss Journey: Week 1

Starting Weight 158lbs / 11stone3
I have always been a slim size 10, I loved my body, my tummy was beautifully flat, my thighs nice and toned as well as my arms. I generally felt great about the way I looked.
Then at 25 years of age I had my first baby, a beautiful girl weighing 6lb14. 16 months later I gave birth to my second child, a handsome boy also weighing 6lb14. Now at 28 years of age I have gained 2 and a half stone since I first became pregnant, and I cannot shift it.
I also have hypothyroidism which I believe has added to my weight gain and ability to be able to lose weight quickly.
Well to be honest I have half heartedly tried to shift it in the past but I have never stuck to anything long enough to see any results.
Now though I have decided it is time to kick myself into gear and to do something about it. Instead of just sitting there and thinking oh what can I do, I don’t have the time and so on.
What are the reasons for me starting a diet and exercise plan? 

The main reason is that I hate the way I look.
I can longer wear anything I want. I can now be found in baggy oversized t-shirts and vest tops and more often than not a chunky grey knit cardigan which is amazing at hiding my stomach!
I want to look sexy again!
I want to bit fitter and healthier
I want to be a good role model for my children and eat better. Although i say this I am actually very good at preparing healthy balanced meals for my children, I make this a priority, and ensure they get lots of fruit and veg. Which does make me wonder why don’t I do the same for my body?
What  do I aim to do?
Eat less, Exercise more!
So I actually started my weight plan a week ago, and can already say that I have lost 4lbs which I am over the moon with as I wasn’t actually sure whether I had lost anything at all.
I have been for two 2 mile run/walks this week and I also had my first taste of Zumba.
I say run/walk as I am not particularly fit at the moment I found myself running for 5 minutes and then walking and then running, I found this to be a much more comfortable way of doing it, and on my second run I already found that I could run that little bit further.
Zumba however, was a first and last for me. As I now know that I have absolutely no coordination or rhythm in my body at all! It was a very fun class and I did enjoy it but its not for me, so I will be sticking to running for the time being.
Food wise I am going down the route of diet shakes. I am using Tesco UltraSlim chocolate shake which I am using to replace two meals a day. For snacks I have chosen mainly apples, bananas and some mixed nuts.
I will keep you all updated as to how I get on, and please share with me your success story, I need some motivation!
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