My Ideal Home

When we bought our first home, we didn’t look around at many mainly because we had a very tight budget and the house we bought which we are still currently in we bought for a lot less than the asking price, but it was the maximum that we could offer. We were therefore quite restricted in choosing
a house that we wanted.

ideal home

I love our house however I do wish we could have looked at
more houses. Our house is an end of terrace 3 bed home it suits us well but I just wish we had garden; we only have a concrete yard and another raised area however this raised area is up some very steep steps and the land is not  really useable. Although the kids do enjoy going out in the yard to play it can only keep them occupied for so long.

We are now in a better position and we have been thinking
about what our ideal home would be, so I have written this post to inspire us to keep looking for our perfect home ready for when we are ready to move.

Front Garden

I always imagined that our ideal family home would have a
lovely front garden as well as a drive way. A drive way is now one of my top priorities as since we have been living on the main road we have had two of our cars written off in accidents when our cars were parked up and we were fast
asleep in bed!
As for a front garden I wouldn’t want anything big, just a
small grassy area or even a paved area would be great. Just something that provides us with a bit of privacy and that is set back from the road.


I would again only want three bedrooms but preferably these
would fit double beds in all. With our children’s growing toy collection and my sons box room we are tight for space.
Something I dream of now is also actually having some
storage space, whether this be a cupboard under the stairs or a small study room as we don’t currently have any storage available to us and I would love to be able to store my vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket and ironing board away rather than hidden away behind the sofa or typically in our bedroom.
study room
As our home is quite old our windows and doors are not
fantastic, what I would love would be a beautiful wooden stain glassed door and some double glazed windows. Our windows now are mostly double glazed but we do get a lot of condensation and a draft on the ones that are not.


And lastly as I have previously mentioned a garden, just an
open space with a patio for summer barbeques and a grassy area for the kids to run around and play on would be ideal to capture all those lovely memories of them growing up.
garden patio
Do you have a vision of your ideal home? I would love to hear what it is, please feel free to comment below.
This is a collaborative post with Three Counties Ltd.
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