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You may care, you probably don’t in actual fact, but I’m going to write in anyway! What else is there to do when you’re stuck in front of a computer on a rainy, windy day thanks to Storm Brendan than write about random shit? Answers on a postcard please!

I don’t know why I decided to write this in all honestly but what the heck I have a spare ten minutes and maybe it’ll help you pass five minutes of boredom in your life. Maybe you’re on the train or at a dull business meeting. Anyway here goes…

google history

Okay, so yea pretty boring I guess, or are you intrigued?

Charles de gaulle airport to la vallee village

For the last two years we, as a family, have been lucky enough to holiday in my fathers apartment in Spain. However this year we are cutting costs back a bit, I decided to see what else was out there. I have heard of Eurocamp before, known for it’s pretty cheap but awesome breaks so I took a look and it does look great.

A family break with entertainment, on site pool and facilities, 1km from nearest beach and town added up to around £300! You can’t go wrong for that can you! Of course this doesn’t include flights or transfers but booking them seperatly would be cheaper than as part of a package.

Anyway my day dream ended and we have found ourselves booking a weekend away in a caravan in a local seaside resort around an hour from our home. Suppose you can’t beat home comforts and a local area. I will be more organised for our next adventure and book somewhere more exciting!

Make not spending fun

Okay so this one is something that I really need to put more effort into. I was thinking of ways in which I could save some money. Be that on the grocery shop or just in general, it all helps. I was thinking of ways to earn extra income, but then I thought I don’t have time for that so why not just save the money I do have! But that’s boring and not fun at all.

So is there a fun way to not spend? Results are in and Uh Ergh no there isn’t. I just need to suck it up and stop impulse buying!

Cardiff to Edinburgh flights

Okay, so you’re still reading? That’s good you’ve made it this far! Two minutes of boredom passed already.

My husband and I always fancied taking a trip to Edinburgh but there were no domestic flights there. However, I have recently heard that there are new routes from my hometown in Cardiff to Edinburgh. So a trip may be on the cards soon!

Fabric sofa

A kitten, a cat, two children = new sofas needed! Simple really. We have been looking since before Christmas and are still searching, eh, maybe we’re just being too fussy.

Kitten collar

Kitten has been in residence for nearly three weeks now. First cat is very put out at having enjoyed the peace and quiet for 5 years on his own. Kitten finds it fun to sneak up on cat, but cat no likey!

I therefore headed to Etsy after this search and found a kitten collar with bell attached so now cat can hear kitten coming and prepare for attack!

Do kittens teeth

As a crazy cat lady you find yourself absorbed by your furbabies as much as your children. You may not admit it out loud, but you know it is true. So, I said to my husband have you noticed how tiny the kittens teeth are? His reply “No, as I don’t let it chew me”. Fair point, but did you know that kittens teeth? Nope me neither, I suppose it might actually be an obvious thing as baby humans teeth so why not kittens too?

This may explain why he, the kitten that is, not my husband! thinks it is fun to consume half a finger to his back teeth to chomp on. If babies teeth, they use teething toys, and so can kittens so yes I have bought him a teething toy. He can test it out tonight when I return home.

Legoland trailer

Still with me? If you are, pat on the back to you! Yea so we priced up a soft play party package at the request of my 5 nearly 6 year old son for his next birthday a couple months away. £150 for two hour party for 30 children including food. Then I saw an offer on one of the many bargain, deal groups that I follow on Facebook for Legoland. I checked the prices and was amazed to find overnight accomodation and a 2 day pass for 2 adults and 2 kids for £158!

Spoke with son, do you want soft play party or to go to Legoland? “LEGOLAND!!!” Yea it’s a no brainer aint it son. So booked it!

I searched Legoland trailer so I could show the kids a video of Legoland, couldn’t find one! Maybe I was thinking of the Lego film that’s why I searched ‘trailer’ on the end of Legoland.

Resize image

Lastly I chose a new theme for my site. Do you like it? Well I am not very good with technology and I could not get the header right (that’s the big Mummy’s Diary image at the top of the pages). Despite googling resize image and thus resizing the image to their recommended size it still didn’t fit. I chose a new theme instead.

And that folks is the history of my Google history!

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