My First Slow Cooker Meal

I have to say this is actually the best pork Iv tried for a while it just feel apart and was so delicious. Iv never used a slow cooker before and this recipe was actually included with my Morphy Richards slow cooker so thought I’d share the yummyness!

Oriental Honeyed Pork
550g pork fillet
4 tbsp seasoned cornflour
4tbsp corn oil 
one large onion chopped 
one garlic clove crushed 
one green pepper deseeded and chopped 400g tinned pineapple chunks, drained (reserve the juice)
Six mushrooms sliced 
4 ripe tomatoes quartered 
For the sauce 
600ml chicken stock 
4 tbsp honey 
2 tbsp soy sauce 
4tbsp cornflour 
Pineapple juice (reserved from the chunks)

Cut pork into cubes and coat in seasoned cornflower
Heat oil in the cooking pot and fry garlic and onion
Add pork and fry lightly until seared on all sides
Lower the heat and add pepper pineapple mushrooms and tomatoes leave on gentle heat whilst preparing sauce
To make the sauce mix together chicken stock honey and soy sauce
Blend cornflour with pineapple juice and add to the mixture
Add salt to the pan and stir it whilst bringing to the boil transfer to the slow cooker, cover and cook approximately 5 to 8 hours on the medium setting serve with rice and fresh green vegetables
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