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    My now husband and I moved into our house 2 years ago last month.
    It was a very stressful time as I was living with my parents and he was with his, but we also had a baby together! So trying to organise a move from two separate houses to one and with a baby made it a very difficult time!
    We decided that the first thing that we needed to do when we moved in was decorate our little girls room. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and within a week it had been transformed from a spare room into a little princess palace! We then moved on and decorated our living room. Once we found out that we were then expecting our second baby we then decorated and painted his room. 
    Since moving in that is all we have been able to do. Our kitchen, bedroom and bathroom have remained untouched except for a few pictures on the walls. 
    This is the main reason why I would love our bathroom redesigned and also because we have family and friends around quite often and it would be nice to show off a bathroom that I could be proud of.

    Our bathroom is a good size with bath and shower overhead. However it has a lot of dated features which include a shell style bath panel (which is also cracked and lose), the bath tiles have been painted and therefore are now bubbling and peeling off. The worst thing of all though is the previous occupier has cemented blue ceramic dolphins onto the shower/bath tiles! Which have proved to be quite a hazard when my husband whilst in the shower turned around and caught his elbow on the dolphins tail which promptly snapped off but caused a nasty cut to his elbow which resulted in him needed care at the local hospitals A&E department!

    Our children love bath time too especially splashing around! It would be so lovely if we didn’t have to worry about the bath seal leaking every time they or us take a bath. Myself and my husband are not the best at DIY but we do try, and although I did reseal the bath myself which looked amazing once finished, soon afterwards it started to peel and had gaps developing in it.
    This is how my dream bathroom would look.
    I would want something classic and elegant that’s going to last and not become outdated.
    Therefore I would choose one of these bathroom tiles.
    This has to be my favourite tiles, they are as the name suggests, elegant. They have a certain grandeur about them and I think they would definitely be a talking point! The Elegance tile range has a natural looking stone without the need for sealing.

    This reminds me so much of a spa, it is marble and marble mosaic which I think is quite a classic and clean look. I can just imagine relaxing in a bubble bath surrounding by these.

    This is a cream stone effect tile with distinctive caramel veining which I just love, I feel it would give my bathroom a lovely warm and cosy atmosphere.
    I have chosen shower bath suites as this way we will be able to enjoy having both a shower and a bath. I believe these shower bath suites would compliment the tiles perfectly and make for a relaxing environment.
    This is my favourite suite, it is modern and edgy. I love the square shape to the bath it is not many houses where you see baths like this.
    I love the classic vintage design to this suite. It stands out from the ordinary.
    This suite has a large showering area combined with the comfort of an ergonomically designed bathing space. I love the shape of this bath and I think it would really stand out. It has also been designed with smaller bathrooms in mind, this version is 1500mm. 
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    This is my entry into the my dream bathroom competition by the Big Bathroom Shop and Tilemountain
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    3 thoughts on “My Dream Bathroom

    1. Lovely!! I think bathrooms can be the hardest rooms to decorate as they're often the most expensive, with new bathroom suites etc. Ours is quite small so quite tricky to plan when we moved in #justanotherlinky

    2. I love that elegant bathroom! We currently live in a tiny city center apartment in Denmark, and Scandinavian design and I are not a match made in heaven… for starters, bathtubs are the exception rather that the rule here.

      We'll be moving to England in a couple of years and a big, elegant bathroom with a slipper tub and a chandelier is on the list of non-negotiable features in our new house.

    3. Very Nice!
      I totally agree with Lianne that bathroom can be the hardest rooms to decorate and the most expensive rooms. We have a very small bathroom and it was also very difficult to plan. But with some ideas from we managed it very well.

      Regards Harry

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