My Christmas Wish List

We’re all so busy this time of year making sure we have everything ready and prepared for Christmas that we often forget to take the time to think about ourselves. The only thing important to me at Christmas is my children and making sure they have a magical and memorable time. We don’t over indulge our children with presents. They usually have one main item and then a few other gifts as well as their stockings which we fill with useful items for them as well as some fun bits. This year they each have a t-shirt and trousers, bubble bath, some chocolates, and two little gifts each.

I have the Christmas meal already planned. As well the North Pole Breakfast which seems to be getting more and more popular every year. We don’t do Christmas eve boxes though. I think they get enough on Christmas day from us and relatives and they’re excited enough anyway with it being Christmas Eve.
Anyway I thought I would put together my own Christmas Wish List. Make sure you check out for Christmas Gift Guide for the kids too!

Lily Flame Scented Wax Melts

I had never heard or seen these until I received them as a Christmas gift last year. I have tried other smelly popular candles and melts but none have compared to these. They are one of my favourites to buy now for my home. They melt quite quickly and fill the whole room with gorgeous scents.
My favourite is Fairy Dust. These are available from Amazon and I have seen them on sale in John Lewis.
Lily Flame Wax Melts

Dumbo Pyjamas

It’s no surprise to any of my family but I love Disney’s Dumbo. I have toys (yes big kid!), blankets and cushions of Dumbo so these super cute Dumbo pyjamas would really add to my collection.
Disney Dumbo Pyjamas

Fluffy Blanket

I love putting my PJ’s on and cuddling up on the sofa watching TV with my husband when our kids are in bed. I especially love the blankets with the fluff on the one side and this one is gorgeous and can also be used a throw.
Fluffy Blanket Throw

Sakroots Bucket Bag

I love a good bag and bucket bags are my favourite I carry a lot of things in my handbag I must admit and bucket bags are really spacious, plus I love all of the Sakroots range the designs are unique and very eye catching.
Sak Roots Bucket Bag


Again, as soon as I get in from work or get up in the mornings the first thing I do is put my slippers on. We have wooden floors so it can get a little cold on the feet. I love the sturdy slippers with the hard soles I find they last longer.
Ladies Slippers

Simple Skin Care Set

I have combination skin it can be oily and dry, it is a pain trying to find products that suit this. I find the Simple skin care range works really well for me as my skin can also get sensitive and Simple is really gentle for me.
Simple Skin Care

The Greatest Showman

This is by far one of my favourite movies so there is no doubt it makes it into my Christmas Wish List.
The Greatest Showman

Ellie Saab Girl Of Now Edp

I received a free sample of this perfume and I have kept in my makeup bag for on the go ever since so I really would love to buy the larger bottle. It smells gorgeous and lasts well.
Ellie Saab
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