Mr Nutcase Review

I love phone cases! I think they’re an expression of your personality!
I was recently sent a link in which I could order my own iPhone case to review from Mr Nutcase.
There are many options to choose from.  
You can either choose one of the funky designs from their website or you can personalise your own. 
I chose to personalise my own. 

I could choose from a range of layouts which varied from one photo to multiple photos. 

My other half will tell anyone that I like to take photos!
I can quite easily take up to 100 photos a day! Mainly of my children. 
I therefore chose the 16 photo layout. It’s simple to use from your phone, iPad or laptop. Just upload your photos using the easy upload tool and then arrange them on the case as you wish. You can rotate and zoom into your photos aswell. 
Once uploaded and arranged in the case you simply checkout and enter your payment and address details. 
My phone case came surprisingly quick! And I am absolutely delighted with it. The quality of the photos is perfect and the case is strong and sturdy and provided good protection. 
To order your own case for as little as £14.95 simply visit Mr Nutcase
For the purpose of this post I was given a free case.  

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