#Morrisons Mum: My Bank Holiday Shop

The May Bank Holiday arrived along with some lovely sunshine and a very much appreciated treat off Morrisons and Brit Mums, in the form of £80 worth of vouchers to spend in store.

Morrisons have recently had a huge price cut on over a thousand items and have kindly asked us mums to check them out. 
Here is my hoard of goodies! 

As I arrived at my local Morrisons store I was greeted with lots of price cut offers and bright yellow “I’m Cheaper” signs all over the store. My my they have been busy!

The first item I came across was a pack of 4 bread rolls, not only were they 72p a pack but they were also buy one get one free! These were the perfect accompaniment for the delicious hand made onion and cheddar beef burgers that I also bought. 
I am pleasantly surprised at the uniquely designed fruit and veg stand, with it’s dry ice falling over the produce to keep them fresh it certainly is an eye catcher and draws you in. I couldn’t resist buying these delicious carrots.

My normal food shop is usually done online at Tesco as sadly Morrisons do not yet deliver to my postcode but I am certainly glad I shopped in store. 

As I walk around I find myself in awe of the variety of products, I just couldn’t help myself from buying some foods that I wouldn’t normally buy. This included some delicious stuffed peppers. 
Here are just some of the delicious meals I cooked. 

I am very happy with the quality of the produce that I bought. It was definitely a treat for my family’s palette. 
The BBQ chicken thighs and roasted Mediterranean vegetables came in at a cost of only £3.60 per serving. 
For dessert we had a lovely cheese platter which consisted of Brie, blue Stilton, blacksticks blue and some Jacobs chive crackers aswell as an absolutely enormous Victoria sponge cake and banoffee pie!
All of this of course had to be washed down and a bottle of Saint-Chinian wine certainly did the trick, and at a cost of only £5.49!
While my waist line has certainly increased over the bank holiday I can say with some certainty that my food budget did not. As Morrisons has come in pretty much level pegging with my usual food shop at Tesco. And what with my local Morrisons  store only being a 5 minute drive away I will definitely be popping in a lot more than I used to. 
All I will say though is Morrisons, please deliver to my area, it’s only around the corner and makes it a lot easier to shop with two little ones if it can be done online. 
For the purpose of this review I was sent £80 worth of vouchers to spend in store. 
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