MonsterJam Cardiff 2018

Monster Jam Cardiff 2018 at Principality Stadium.


We headed into Cardiff City Centre for around 9am. The Pit Party was due to start at 10am so we wanted to make sure we arrived in plenty of time.

We headed to our gate and we were only queuing for around 20 minutes before gates opened. I was very happy to see that the Pit Party wasn’t overly busy and we didn’t really have to queue for more than 5 minutes to meet the drivers of each truck.
The kids absolutely loved being able to get up close to the Monster Trucks and meeting the drivers who were all so friendly and happy to autograph the kids’ books and have photos taken with them.
monster jam cardiff

Monster Jam Cardiff

After the meet and greets we decided to head to the merchandise stall for a souvenir for the kids. Yes the products are overpriced for what they are but they are also Monster Jam
branded. The small die cast Monster trucks were £15 and the large were £30. Both
our children decided to buy the plush Monster Trucks for £22 each, they are really lovely and of great quality. The kids loved seeing “their” trucks racing and happily waved their toys in the air whenever they saw them on the track. They were delighted as both got their trucks won a race as well!

I was a bit concerned at how loud the trucks would be as I had read online that it would be extremely loud and most people had recommended buying ear defenders for the children. They do sell them at the event but again they aren’t cheap. We bought ours from B&Q for £3 each, we did also buy earplugs for ourselves but found that we didn’t really need them but I would highly recommend getting some if you have children attending this event.
After the Pit Party we had a bit of a wait as the main show didn’t start until 3pm, luckily there is plenty to do in Cardiff city centre, we had a wander around the market, stopped for some food and the kids enjoyed playing in the grounds of Cardiff Castle.
Around 2pm we took our seats ready for the main event to begin. It started with a truly amazing light show and then all the Monster Trucks revving their engines as they drove into the Stadium. The show itself is a series of races, I didn’t actually realise this beforehand. But each Monster Truck goes up against another as they battle it out for fastest race, best two wheel trick etc. During the intermission the motorbikes came out and put on a
spectacular show with breath taking stunts!



Overall we absolutely loved Monster Jam its great fun for all the family and I would highly recommend going!Monster Jam is returning to the UK in 2019! Keep up to date with the latest updates here MonsterJam
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