The Mental Breakdown

I have decided to write this post after a lot of thought. 

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts etc as of late mainly because to be quite honest with you. 
Iv been struggling to cope. Or atleast that’s how I have been feeling these last couple of weeks. 
I always knew having a second baby would be testing but maybe I didn’t realise how hard on times it can be. 
This last week my daughter had a uti and became very clingy to me and my son has been full up of a cold and struggling with his reflux aswell as having to attend a scan for his kidneys and my own problems to deal with too. To top this off my partner works 12 hour shifts, so to say iv been feeling stressed is an understatement. 

In all honesty, and I feel guilty even saying this, but I got a bit fed up of being a mum! I love my kids to pieces don’t get me wrong but some days they’re little angels other days, well they’re far from that! Some days I just don’t have the energy to deal with them. 
But as a mum I’m sure we all feel like this from time to time. 
What could I do?
Well not an awful lot really. My friends don’t live that near to me and my family is only small and they work during the week. 
So I soldiered on as best I could. Yes I had a bit of a cry and a rant at my partner he is a great support though, and does try to help out as much as he can and he took the kids out for the day to give me a bit of a break. 
I guess sometimes I just feel like my life is revolved around cooking, cleaning, washing and wiping dirty bums!
I wouldn’t wish it away though, although on times I do wish the day to go a little faster!
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8 thoughts on “The Mental Breakdown

  1. Hey Sis. This sounds like me yesterday! R is going through a phase of saying no to everything – as you saw on Saturday when trying to give her tea! I felt like a bad mum yesterday because I felt like all I did was shout at her. Some days I don't have the energy to deal with them and feel like I want a break too. I think every mum feels that way. I've promised myself that today will be a better day. So far so good, although it's only just gone 8am! I feel guilty sometimes that I have to shower and leave then to their own devices because they look bored when they're waiting for me to get ready, but can I do? I need to shower!

  2. I can totally relate to this. My husband used to work away from home 5 days a week and I was left at home with 3 kids, 2 of them under 2. It was hard and can seem like never ending chores and constantly taking care of others when there's noone to take care of you. It gets easier and as they get older they have ready made playmates so you do get more chance to have a few minutes peace. #binkylinky

  3. I can relate to how you feel, but you are lucky that your partner takes them out for a little bit- I have no partner or dad in his life lol, so imagine how my stress levels are when hes ill or I am tired lol.
    you are doing good though, so just remember that this wont last -they will be adults before we know it and we will wish they were young, clingy and doing our heads in again!

  4. I feel for you. I have struggled like this in the past and every time my son is sick its so overwhelming. And I only have 1 child. I can only imagine how hard if you have more. Sending your hugs. #binkylinky

  5. You shouldn't feel guilty at all. Being a mum is a tough job sometimes. Its amazingly rewarding too, but that doesn't mean its always easy. I'm really lucky that my Mum is only 30mins away. With my hubby living in Dubai, I'd never have been able to cope for the last year without her. I've also learned that some days you just need to do whatever you need to do to get by, without feeling guilty about it not being 'good parenting'. I'm glad your hubby was able to take the kids for a little bit, to give you a chance to switch off for a while xx
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

  6. It's so hard, especially when they're little! I remember feeling like, on one hand, I had no time at all – and on the other, time went soooo slowly because you are sellotaped to your children (not literally!) all day. I also remember hiding in the toilet and having a good cry when it all got too much. You're not alone, Katie; have you got any toddler groups near you so you can let off some steam? Hope things are a bit better for you now. #binkylinky

  7. Thanks everyone
    Being a parent is the hardest job in the world as they say and it's so true but it's definitely rewarding
    I wouldn't have it any other way and I am feeling much better thanks to lovely friends and family and especially my fiancé 🙂

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