Maplin: Canary Flex Security Camera Review

We were recently sent the Canary Flex Weatherproof Security Camera in Black from Maplin Electronics. 

It retails at £179.00

Here are some of its features;

  • It can be used indoors and outdoors as it is weatherproof. 
  • The Canary Flex works wirelessly with a long life battery or connected to the mains. 
  • It has a wide angle viewing lens of 116 degrees to capture a whole room or space. 
  • Automatic high-quality night vision of up to seven metres in ambient lighting. 
  • HD video 
  • The built in microphone picks up high quality audio and enables two way conversation via the app. 
  • Connects via WiFi and bluetooth. 
  • Receive notifications when activity is detected. The camera automatically records any movement.
  • Contact the emergency services through the app if you see anything suspicious. 

Unboxing the camera it is packaged well inside a black box with the camera on top and accessories and instruction cards underneath. 

Inside the box you will find;

The main camera unit
Magnetic base unit
USB Charger lead 
Instruction cards
Wall mounting fixtures

The camera is pretty simple to set up. The camera unit is held in place by a strong magnet in the base and the usb lead also magnetically attaches to the back. 

Once set up and plugged in, all you need to do is download the app and follow the on screen instructions. You will need to enter you contact details, pair the camera to your phone via bluetooth and connect to your WiFi. 

I have to admit I was slightly surprised to find that in order to use the camera you will need to enter your bank details as there is a £7.99 a month charge to use it. You do get the first 30 days free. I don’t think this is particularly great as after you have purchased your camera you would expect to be able to use it for free. 

Anyway onto the different modes. The Canary Flex has three different modes. 

Home – when you are at home you can choose this mode to turn off recording. 

Away – when you are away from Home select this mode and Canary will notify you of any movement. 

Night – you can schedule Canary to notify you of movement while you sleep. 

Canary can detect when you come and go an switch modes automatically. 

The quality of the picture comes and goes. Sometimes it is quite pixelated whereas other times it is very clear. This may be down to your WiFi connection though. 

The sound quality is great as is the two way conversation feature. 

I like that when I am out if movement is detected Canary stars to record and you can play this back as it is saved in the timeline on the app. 

Easy to set up
Good picture quality and sound
Recording feature 
Motion notifications

Sometimes the picture can be pixelated 
Can sometimes take a while to load the livestream
The £7.99 a month fee

Overall I feel that the pros do outweigh the cons and I would recommend this security camera. I do think however I would only pay for the months when I am away on holiday if this is possible. 

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2 thoughts on “Maplin: Canary Flex Security Camera Review

  1. Say what? You have to pay for its use each month… even after you have forked out £179.99 for it..! No thank you! As much as it looks good, I would be looking at others on the market which offer a free service or record to a micro SD card locally. Thanks for the review and heads up

  2. Avoid!!! Canary have removed basic features which mean you have literally no choice but to pay a monthly fee – no way you can trust a company like this with your family home security. See #CanaryScam on Twitter or all the recent reviews on Amazon!

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