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We love exploring new products especially those that are educational and a little bit different. We were recently sent two sets from Magformers to test and play with! Magformers construction sets foster brain development through fun and educational exploration. Each of their sets include pieces in simple geometric shapes: triangles, squares, rhomboids and many other shaped that can all be easily connected using the power of the built-in magnets. These products are high quality and durable.


Encourage Creativity

Magformers is the leading magnetic construction toy, proven to inspire children’s creativity and assist 3D brain development. Children can make 2D flat ‘net; shapes then transform them into exciting 3D geometric structures while they are playing, naturally recognising the principles of
magnets by feeling the magnetic power.

Magformers are super easy to assemble, take apart and then build again. Magformers have received more than 50 international global educational and toy awards, including gold and bronze in the UK Practical Pre-School Awards.
I think that no matter what age you are magnets are always fun to play with; trying to get the wrong poles to stick together when you know they won’t and then placing one on the floor and slowly moving in towards the
other until the power is strong enough and they jump to connect together!
It’s always fun no matter how many times you do it!

What we received

The Magformers Wow set is part of the construction range of sets and retails at £34.99. It is suitable for children from 3 years old and is highly appealing to children who particularly love cars. This set consists of 16 pieces: squares, triangles and a special pilot boy element and two sets of wheels.
Our children have been learning all about shapes in school and so I was excited to see included in this set that there are 22 double sided study cards with different shapes and patterns on that your child can recreate on the boards, as well as 20 models of vehicles which can be designed using this set.
I really was amazed that with just 16 pieces there is a vast number of vehicles that you can actually make. We tried out a few and they turned out really well and the pictures are really easy to follow and copy.
My son thoroughly enjoyed playing with this set zooming the vehicles around and he loved dropping them onto the rug to watch the magnets fall apart and then he’d build them again.

Mini House

The next set is the Magformers Mini House Set which has 42 pieces this retails at £49.99. It includes pink-tone magnetic pieces and special house accessories that girls, in particular love. It also comes with 2D puzzle boards and a book with suggestions on different houses and designs to create. I would have loved it if this set came with a little figure to play with inside the house but my daughter has plenty of her own and she enjoyed opening the door and putting the figure through it.

Engaging boards

The different boards are colourful and attractive and my daughter couldn’t wait to create the butterfly, again it is really simple to follow the patterns and create the different images, she loved seeing her creations once she had completed them. I do love the trees that come with this set this is a nice little touch that my daughter enjoyed.

This set comes with 12 triangle pieces, 18 square pieces, 1 balcony, 6 brick pieces, 1 double window, 1 grid window, 1 single window (door) and 2 tree pieces.



In the past I remember buying the children a very similar set from a cheap website thinking this looks great and I loved the idea behind it however when it arrived it was very small and the magnets were not powerful meaning that you couldn’t create anything that would successfully stay
together, so I would highly recommend buying Magformers for your children instead. The pieces are large making them perfect for little hands to pick up and they are highly durable.

Overall we love Magformers and I cannot wait to see what
creations they kids will make with them next!
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