Loubilou.com Review

I was recently lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend £20 on the loubilou website. 
Loubilou offer unique, highly quality childrens goods from around the world, sold by independant suppliers. 
There are so many categories to choose from including educational toys, furniture and decor aswell as arts and crafts and party supplies. 
You can use the search bar to browse for specific products. 
The loubilou website is easy to navigate and of a simplistic attractive design. 
I have always wanted to try reusable nappies. They are better for the environment and can save you a lot of money on buying disposable ones. Therefore I chose to spend my £20 on a Baba and Boo reuseable nappy for my son and as my daughter will soon be potty training I bought her some princess potty training pants. 
I was contacted by the customer services team as the first nappy design I had chosen was out of stock, but I was given the opportunity to choose an alternative or a refund. 
I chose the pirate design instead. 
Overall I was incredibly happy with the customer service that I received and was pleased by the quick delivery of my items. Aswell as the vast variety of products on offer. 
You can visit the Loubilou website here. 
For the purpose of this review I was given £20 to spend on Loubilou’s website. 
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