A letter to my babies

Dear children,
Here are some things I would like you to know and remember. 
I love you. 
I love you so much it makes me emotional and sometimes I actually cry because I am so happy you are my children. You are both so very different but yet so similar. 
My little girl are cheeky, adventurous and outgoing. You like to be independent and do as much as you can for yourself but you still love coming into mummy’s bed at night for cuddles. You are happy to play by yourself and you entertain yourself well especially with your dolls house. You love your doggy soft toy so much he goes everywhere with you and if he’s missing you certainly know. 

My little boy are you adorable and so sweet but my word you do have a temper. You like things your way, but you always prefer it when my mummy and daddy help you. You love being outdoors more than you do indoors so much so that you wear your wellies all day every day it’s actually a struggle to get them off you sometimes especially when it comes to bed time. 

I’m so very proud of you both. You have both been through so much with your kidney problems. My little girl you were born with a duplex kidney, you were put on antibiotics as soon as you were born and you had an operation when you were 2. My little boy you were born with a horseshoe kidney and you are lucky you haven’t needed any treatment or surgery. But you have both been through some really horrible tests and scans but you have both come out stronger and braver. You’ve been through so much in your short lives and I’m so lucky you are both still here. 
I’m sorry for the times when I was poorly, stressed or tired and I shouted at you, I’m sorry I sometimes don’t always have enough time or patience to play with you but I will always be here for you. 
I forgive you for the countless sleepless nights we’ve had, tantrums in public and accidents but it’s all part of growing up and you learn with each new experience. 
I will always have a listening ear ready for you. When you just need to rant or when you need help with a problem I hope you feel you can always come to me and daddy to talk. 
And remember it is your responsibility where you end up in life. Whatever you want to do we will always be here to help you and encourage you every step of the way. Make the most of your lives, be kind, be smart and always look out for one another. You can do it. 
All my love
A Cornish Mum
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