Labour and Birth

    Due to Mollies problem with her kidneys we were attending hospital every 4 weeks for scans to keep an eye on whether there were any changes to her situation. It was great being able to see our baby girl so often on the ultrasound screen, growing stronger and bigger at each visit.

    We also attended the ante natal classes which were really helpful and provided us with lots of useful advice on the early stages of labour, pain relief, breast feeding etc… but no matter how many classes you attend you are never really prepared for the arrival of motherhood!

    So my little darling daughters due date was the 28th September 2012, this day came and went. Our lovely midwife tried to encourage her arrival with a ‘sweep’, which was then followed by 3, maybe 4 more of these uncomfortable and undignified “procedures”. On the 7th October early hours of the morning, I had really bad back ache I didn’t think too much of it. I just put it down to one of the ailments that rides side by side with pregnancy.

    Rob and I decided to enjoy a day out. The weather was nice so we decided to go to The Rhondda Heritage Park Museum. I have been here many times before with family, friends and when I was younger on school trips. The Heritage Park is a simulated underground mining experience – you can find out more information on The Rhondda Heritage Park on my next blog post. Whilst enjoying our day out, guess what appeared? My contractions! How scarily exciting! And with that we headed home.

    By about 5pm my contractions had already arrived and were in full swing. I can remember it felt absolutely nothing like what I had expected. It was a strange feeling, but very uncomfortable. The only way I could possibly describe it is like somebody squeezing you uterus and you cant stop them, your stomach just feels so tight! I had decided in my birth plan that I wanted a natural water birth with no drugs and minimal intervention. Rob ran me a nice hot bath but as soon I got in there I wanted to get out. I couldn’t stand it I felt trapped and I had no room to move to make myself comfortable. Rob called the labour ward and we went to the hospital, as my waters hadn’t yet broken I received another sweep and was sent home at 4cm. About an hour later Rob rang the labour ward again and explained that I really couldn’t bear the contractions any longer, so reluctantly they called us back in. I was given pethidine and Rob was sent home. No sooner had he put his foot through the front door his mobile rang, it was the midwives calling him to return to the hospital as soon as he could. It was now the early hours of the morning and the midwives were surprised at how quick my labour was progressing I was already at 10cm and ready to push! Not before some nice gas and air and an epidural though. Yes folks the drug free birth went out the window! I couldn’t suck on that air fast enough!

    At 09:17 on the 8th October 2012, ten days late, our beautiful daughter entered the world (hand first – the midwives said she was testing the weather!) she was perfect, I couldn’t look at her long enough. She had a mop of thick dark hair and big bright blue eyes. We named her Mollie.

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