Keeping Your Toddler Active At Home

Okay, so most toddlers are pretty active anyway, in fact it can be quite a challenge to get them to stay still but recent research by ESP Play shows that over 1000 children are being referred to hospital as a result of obesity, this really is an alarming figure and honestly shocked me.

Most days when the weather is nice we find ourselves going for a walk or to the park but we generally head home after around an hour, mainly due to our exhaustion as parents, where by our toddlers would happily stay outdoors all day if they could. We don’t have the benefit of a garden at our home, we have just a little yard but we do have a trampoline, slide and some scooters to keep the kids busy, but there really is only so much you can do in a small yard.
So how can you keep your kids active at home? ……
Invest in some good quality, durable outdoor toys. We bought a 5ft trampoline as this is more than big enough in our small back, but we wanted something that we knew would keep the kids entertained and active. We have a 3 and 4 year old and they manage to squeeze on together to play. They can get quite competitive so we started a game for who could do the most jumps, they find it very amusing watching mum and dad try to count as fast as they can jump until they end up falling down laughing hysterically!
They also have scooters, bikes and sit on cars all of which they love to play on and helps to get them moving.
There are many great ways to keep your child active at home. Here are just a few;
Start a morning exercise wake up routine.
I have just started doing this after seeing something similar online but its so fun and they kids love it. Every morning we assemble on the living room rug for our activities, these include;
  • Jumping up and down 10 times
  • Spinning around in a circle
  • Stretching up to try and reach the sky
  • Run to the nearest door and back
  • Hop like a frog
  • Balance on one foot
  • Walk backwards
  • Bend down and touch your toes five times
There are actually many more that we do but this list would be as long as my arm if I wrote them all down!
Hide and Seek
Simple, yet effective. it gets the kids moving and thinking quickly on their feet as they only have around 10 seconds to find somewhere to hide.
Have Your School Invest in some outdoor climbing equipment
Did you know that climbing is a fantastic traditional form of play that is perfect for the natural development of upper body strength, balancing, co-ordination and decision making. From monkey bars, ladders, frames, balance beams, climbing walls there is so much choice to keep your child active. ESP play have seen a 19% increaser in physical activity by implementing their equipment into schools! They offer CPD training programmes designed to improve activity levels in the playground.
How do you encourage your little ones to keep active?


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