Keeping The House Tidy!

    Keeping the house tidy! How do you do it?

    Every morning the living room is tidy with toys neatly piled in the corner and all the correct bits with the correct bits. The kitchen is dish free. 
    Then 6/7am the kids wake up and boom instant mess!
    Lately I have found myself tidying up behind them. Literally hawk eyed! Right they’ve stopped playing with that toy I can tidy it away and then onto the next. 
    Any dropped puzzle piece or dolls shoe I’m there! Picking it up in a desperate attempt to not lose the pieces. 

    I don’t know why I’ve started doing this as previously I would have waited until the kids were asleep before I even attempted a tidy up. 
    And the dishes! Wow how do we create so many in just one day! I try to wash them up while the kids are distracted mainly with food or colouring. Usually this gets me about 5 minutes of washing up time. Enough to wash the breakfast dishes. 

    It seems like such a tedious task and the days are starting to blur into one much like ground hog day. 
    But then when it’s time to put the kids to bed it’s actually really nice to be able to just sit down and relax and not have to spend most of the evening tidying up and washing dishes ready for the next day’s chaos!
    There’s a lot more to this parenting lark than meets the eye! You see countless spotlessly clean and tidy houses on the soaps on tv you just assume that’s the way it would be. Just entertain baby, feed baby with no mess. Then you have your own baby and oh my you may as well have invited a hurricane into your home. 
    But then I saw this and it made me stop and think. The mess can wait the memories can’t. 

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