Joining Blogger Groups And Websites

Join Blogging Groups
The best way to join the blogging community is by joining blogging groups. These are more often than not created by bloggers for bloggers, but may also be created by brands or PRs who want to connect with bloggers.
Here is list of blogging groups on Facebook that you can request to join (remember to check the group information as you may need to contact the groups admin to confirm who you are and provide your blog URL address);
Pbloggers Network Group
Blog It Out
Bloggers Unite
Blog Linkys
Pocolo Bloggers
Blog With Heart
Mum Blogs
UK Bloggers
Mummy and Daddy Bloggers (If you’re a parenting blogger) 
There may well be more but these are all the ones that I know of.
There may also be a local blogging group for the area you live in which would well be worth a search for.

Register On Blogging Sites
Blogging sites are a great way to gain advice and tips on starting your blog,and improving your blog once it is established. They can also help to connect you to other bloggers as well as brands and PR companies.
Sign up to;
Bloggers Required
Joes Bloggers
Next Blogger Network
Baby Toddler and You
Family Wellbeing Index Blogger Network. 
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