It’s a boy …..but

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On Tuesday 5th November, me, my partner and our daughter headed up to the hospital for my 20 week scan. 

I was so excited to find out whether we would be expecting a boy or a girl. 

I didn’t have a preference either way. It would be nice to have a boy as we would then have one of each, but it would also be nice to have another girl and also easier as we already have plenty of little girls toys and clothes. 

 It’s a boy! Said the sonographer. Full of emotion I burst out crying! This was a first, im not usually known for my spontaneous crying outbursts! But the the thought of having a son as well as a daughter filled me with so much joy! I have my princess and now I will have my prince. I truly feel blessed! 

The 20 week scan is also known as the anomoly scan, as it is at this appointment where the sonographer checks to make sure all is well with the baby.

With my first borns 20 week scan it was picked up that she has a duplex kidney, please see my previous post How to cope with your child having surgery, therefore I was very nervous going into this scan as to what they might find. 

The sonographer checked the heart, head, limbs, spine, then she got to the kidneys. She appeared to spend a longer period of time looking in this area. I leaned over to my partner and whispered “the kidneys!”, the sonographer then turned to us and said that the only thing she was questioning was whether our son only had one kidney. My heart sunk. 

The sonographer said she wasn’t too concerned as there did appear to be an artery leading towards where the second kidney should be. She said its often the case that if the kidneys have no fluid in them it can make it difficult to see them on the scan. She said that the one kidney that she could see looked perfectly healthy.

I told her about my daughters kidney problems, and the sonographer said it would be best to call us back for another scan in two weeks time to check on the situation. 

 We left overjoyed at the thought of being parents to a boy and a girl, but deep down we can not help but think what the future may hold for our little prince.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a boy …..but

  1. how lovely, bet everyone has been saying one of each, I get that now with my third then Im like ive got that already! ha ha Enjoy buying all the boys clothes and getting stuff ready! x

  2. Hi Saz. Yes the have indeed! We've already started shopping the minute we found out practically. Bought such a cute tigger onesie and soft toy puppy. Can't wait to meet my little prince! X

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