An Interview With My Husband

    I’ve realised I blog a lot about myself and my children and maybe Iv been a bit neglectful of my husband!
    So here is a feature just for him!
    My name is Robert I’m a 35 years old I’m married to Katie and we have two beautiful children together. I work for the NHS and my hobbies and biking and camping. 

    Have you always wanted to be a dad?
    Yeah I’ve always wanted to be a dad but was never in any rush. When I finally felt I was ready and was in a relationship with somebody who I knew was the one for me it seemed to all happen so quick. Bringing up children is harder than I ever ever thought but so rewarding when you see how much love they have for you.
    How did you feel when I went into labour?
    Elated and terrified at the same time. there were some complications during our daughters birth and the delivery room was filled with all sorts of doctors and nurses. When my little boy was born it was a completely different experience all together, everything was calm and chilled out, everything went smoothly and I even got to cut the umbilical cord which I wasn’t able to do with our daughter.

    What do you enjoy most about being a dad?
    Just little things they do, seeing them learn new things. Taking them out to experience new activities and to see new things. It’s amazing to think each time we take them somewhere for the first time it literally is the first time they’ve seen it. Like when we took them to the farm and they’ve never seen pigs before, well except for Peppa pig!
    What moments have made you laugh the most?
    It’s just those little things that you find funny as a parent but you tell somebody else and they will laugh to be polite but you know they just don’t get it. My daughter drew a picture for me the other day and was so proud but she had drawn it on the back of my laptop in marker pen. I was annoyed at first but couldn’t show her because she genuinely thought she was doing a nice thing for me, It came off luckily though. 
    We’ve had some tough times together like when our daughter went to hospital to have her operation on her duplex kidney. How did you feel about it?
    I really worried about it because I knew it was something she had to have done to make her better. 
    When they actually gave us a date for her to be admitted for her operation I suddenly felt sick to my stomach, I had nightmares for most of the week before she went in so didn’t really get much sleep. The day she was admitted they kept phoning us and telling us there were no beds and I half wanted her to get it over and done with and I was half praying they would cancel but they didn’t and in we went. 
    The day of her op I still find difficult to talk about without getting upset and the five hours she was in the operating theatre I was like a zombie, I just had to switch off. When we had the call to say she was out of theatre and we could go and fetch her I think me and my wife ran all the way up there and the relief we felt was amazing.
    What do you wish for our children’s futures?
    I just want what every parent does I suppose, I want them to be healthy, have good jobs and be happily married. Them getting a degree would be nice but it’s not always necessary to have a degree to achieve your goals. The one other thing I hope for is when they become teenagers they don’t behave like I did when I was a teenager, they’ll be grounded for life if they do! It’s all life experience and part of growing up I suppose though. 

    Where do you see yourself going in your future? 
    I’m hoping to gain my qualifications and start my paramedic science degree and then become a paramedic
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